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Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services, has been providing Data Recovery Solutions internationally to a wide variety of consumers. Our customer base consists of end users, our Data Recovery Partners, systems resellers & service providers, distributors, schools, Corporates and all government agencies. With over nos. of years of experience, our team has the technical expertise needed for all storage applications, including desktops, laptops, servers, and all types of storage devices. Ni-ki has a proven record of accomplishments of providing 100% data recovery results for many companies. In addition to all this, we will be starting soon in coming times to provide data loss prevention consultancy so as not to accure data loss costs in the future. Ni-ki provides In-Lab data recovery services for both software as well as hardware failures. Ni-Ki has state of the art labs and personnel having expertise in head replacements and media transplant techniques. Our lab also has a large stock of old and rare hard disks and spares. In case of head replacement and media transplant techniques, we have well equipped facilities to handle such cases. We try our level best to give best possible solution for living up to your expectations and our standards. Our company draws on a wide variety of engineers and specialists chosen to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We match your data loss problem to the right specialist and we provide you with ongoing updates and access to your own assigned service representative so you always know what is going on. Simply put, our data recovery expertise at competitive rates provides our clients with the cost effective solution they need. While being the pioneers in data recovery and having a proven record of achievements, Experts at Ni-Ki have mastered the art of data revival by special simulation and formulas. We believe in providing better results, often more than what is asked for. If we find that a particular data recovery method would result in more data being recovered, we follow it. Ni-Ki have done many successful recoveries on drives sent to us after failed recovery attempts by others. Our spotless reputation has gained the trust and respect of our customers. The quantity of mission critical information that organizations are storing, managing and maintaining on computers is growing at an exponential rate. With the explosion in data comes an increased potential for data loss. And data loss is the synonym for destruction. For this reason, it is the most dreaded term computer users know or do not want to know of. Its only when data loss occurs that one realizes that "DATA is the Most Expensive (Priceless)" part of the computer.



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