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601-602, Ivory Terrace, R. C. Dutt Road, Alkapuri, 390007, Baroda, Gujarat, India.

1314 Jun. 2021Vadodara
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ITEM Secure is the best pest control company in Vadodara established in the year 2001-02. ITEM Secure is an independent firm offering pestcone pest control services to properties of all kinds and sizes. Their termite control service is known for delivering long lasting results against the horrible problem of insects in India. Presently ITEM Secure pest control service is also available in Delhi, Maharashtra, parts of Gujarat, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Trustworthy uncompromised services by the very efficient ITEM Secure team is making them a top choice as pest control service provider throughout the country. ITEM Secure uses advanced technologies, machineries and disinfectants for complete termite control. Intelligent networks of pipes and valves are incorporated both inside and outside the properties for equal distribution of pesticides. Other business ventures of ITEM Secure include Pestcone and Pigeono. If you are struggling with pest and insect problems in your property, call ITEM Secure now. Their anti-termite treatment is a popular choice across India.



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Item Secure601-602, Ivory Terrace, R. C. Dutt Road, Alkapuri, 390007, Baroda, Gujarat, India.+91

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