Gars Lubricants in Surat

248, Shayona Plaza, puna kenal road, near, Punagam, Surat, Gujarat, India.

2608 Apr. 2020Surat
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With a rich heritage of 30 years, the Gars Lubricants has made marked impact in Oil manufacturing market globally and has won the trust of millions. In 1990, Mr. M.K. Patel established Gars lubricants and started to supply base oil to manufacturer and traders. Company paved the way into the oil sector ever since, pioneering innovations, breakthrough technologies, high quality products and services.Company’s uncounted days of hard work and efforts grew extreme engineered products. Mr M.K. Patel aimed to export quality oil nationwide by the end of 2000. By the year of 1999, Gars Lubricants became well known in oil manufacturer and traders. In 2013, Company was handed over to a young director Mr. Parth Patel. Until that time, Gars Lubricants was only supplying base oil, additives and bulk engine oil to manufacturers and traders. Mr. Parth decided to rebrand the Company. By 2014, Gars Lubricants established a fully automatic manufacturing plant and launched its own Products such as Gear & Transmission Oils, Fork Oil, Hydraulic oil, Coolants and Brake Fluids. Along with production, Mr. Parth focused on “After sell Service” system to provide satisfactory customer purchase experience.


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Gars Lubricants248, Shayona Plaza, puna kenal road, near, Punagam, Surat, Gujarat, India.+91

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