Top 10 best Industries in Nashik

AUSTIN BEARINGS PVT. LTD.Bearing-Dealers | Total Views 58 Mfg. Of Water Pump, Textile & Tensioner Pully Bearings VENTURA TEXTILES CORPORATION LTD.Textile-Industries | Total Views 54 Grey Fabrics (Textile), manufacture, export and supply viscose yarns, synthetic yarns, poly viscose yarns, wool blended yarns, bamboo yarns, silk blended yarns, melange yarn, dyed polyester blended yarn, kermal blended yarn, carbon yarn and fancy yarn.Mangesh Industries Textile-Industries | Total Views 51 Chemical Plant Machinery, Chemical Process Pumps, Centrifuges, Auto Claves, Pressure Vessels, Storage Vessels, Reaction Vessels, Tanks, Storage Tanks, Tanks for Process Plants, Winery Plant Equipments, Reactors, Heat Exchangers, Agitators, Special Purpose, Chemical Storage Tanks manufacturers, Chemical Storage Tanks suppliers, Chemical Storage Tanks producers .MEGH AGRO EQUIPMENTSAgriculture Machine Parts | Total Views 110 Protection of the plant plays an important roll in farming. Farmers takes much more efforts to save their 'CROPS' and to increase rate of production they nearly give their every thing. Since to save "CROPS' farmer uses most costly chemicals, which are sprayed by help of PLANT PROTECTION EQUIPMENT". We are manufacturers of Plant Protection Equipments since last ten years. Mostly we Manufacturer "Nozzles" of different types, for plant protection equipments. "NOZZLES"! which are the heart of plant protection equipments. Quality of spraying is finally given by Nozzles, Rater depend upon quality of Nozzles. We have continuous R & D on Nozzles, Coming up with various Nozzles as per their requirement of spraying. With our Nozzle farmers can save their valuable chemicals in terms of quality, (also in terms of money) time along with the rich quality of spray. The "Droplet" size of Nozzles which are in micron, gives good layer of chemicals on plants and protect them from deceases. Nozzles are made out of high quality plastic materials and high cared to maintain accuracy, also non corrosive & long lasting. We have range of spray nozzles. All of various angle, discharge and application, according to their uses.SHREE ABRASIVES INDIA PVT. | Total Views 12 Grinding Wheels (Vitrified & Resoined) RMM & Associatesindustries | Total Views 47 Special Purpose GreaseFYETECH TOOLS PVT | Total Views 21 Castor Wheels & Trolley Wheels SANT ENGINEERING WORKSindustries | Total Views 20 Sugar Mill Accessories, Sugarcane Crusher manufacturers, Sugarcane Crusher suppliers, Sugar Cane Machine manufacturers, Sugar Cane Machine suppliers, Sugar Cane Machine producers.NEW VAISHNAVI ELECTRICindustries | Total Views 36 Distributors For Wires & Cables Luminators, Manufacturer Of Stainless Steel Bright Bars & Suppliers Of Wires And Wire Rods, Wire Rods manufacturers, Wire Rods suppliers, Wire Rods producers, Wire Rods exporters, Wire Rods production centers, Wire Rods companies, Mild Steel Wire Rod manufacturers, Mild Steel Wire Rod suppliers, Mild Steel Wire Rod producers, Mild Steel Wire Rod exporters, Mild Steel Wire Rod, Wire Rods Manufactured at JSPL Wire Rod mills are of Low, Medium & High Carbon grades including various other special grades like cold heading quality, manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel wire rod, flat rolling, hot rolling, cold rolling, stainless steel grades.SUYOG CHEMICALSindustries | Total Views 36 Sodium Silicate, Pottasium Silicate, Silica Gel & Other Chemicals, Chemicals, Solvents & Minerals, mineral is a naturally occurring, inorganic solid, with a definite chemical composition and ordered internal structure. mineral is a naturally occurring substance that is solid and inorganic, representable by a chemical formula, usually abiogenic, and has an ordered atomic structure. It is different from a rock, which can be an aggregate of minerals or non-minerals and does not have a specific chemical composition. Solvents, Free Sale Kerosene, Industrial Oils, Industrial Oils manufacturers, Industrial Oils suppliers, Industrial Oils producers, Industrial Oils exporters, Industrial Oils,Industrial Tel Press production, Solvents, Free Sale Kerosene, Industrial Oils, Industrial Oils manufacturers, Industrial Oils suppliers, Industrial Oils producers, Industrial Oils exporters, Industrial Oils,Industrial Tel Press production, industrial lubricants has the unsurpassed global capability to help enhance your machines productivity while delivering premium performance.& Bulk Transportation, Transportation Management Systems is the leading supplier of bulk transportation services to private fleet and contract carriage shippers, Bulk provides the midwest with bulk transportation solutions from dry bulk to liquid transport, Bulk provides bulk material transportation and storage.

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