Top 10 best Industries in Mumbai

ASIAN INDUSTRIESindustries | Total Views 35 Oleo Chemicals, Oils & Fats, Raw Materials For Soap Manufacturer And Lubricant Manufacture COMMUTATORS & ALLIED PRODUCTSindustries | Total Views 33 Commutators, Sliprings, Carbon Brush Holders & Brushes, Laminater, Industries Sleeves & Tapes RISHIRAJ CHEMICALS | Total Views 55 Mfrs.& Suppliers Of Textile Binders For Pigment Printing, Textile Binder For Pigment Dyeing, Flock Binder, Zari Binder, Gold binder, Ready Khadi For Cotton & Polyester, Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsions (Homo Polymer, Copolymer), Paint Binder, Leather Binders & TECHSETindustries | Total Views 60 X Ray Lead Vinyl Aprons Of All Size And Shapes X-Ray Protective Apparels PARAGON TEXTILE MILLS | Total Views 107 Yarns & Textiles, Cotton Yarn manufacturers, Cotton Yarn suppliers, Cotton Yarn producers, Cotton Yarn exporters, Cotton Yarn, Cotton Hank Yarn production centers, Polyester Yarn manufacturers, Polyester Yarn suppliers, Polyester Yarn producers, Polyester Yarn exporters, Polyester Yarn production centers, Variety of yarn produced by us includes compact yarn, melange yarn, dyed polyester blended yarn, kermal blended yarn, carbon yarn and fancy yarn. Melange yarn are produced by blending dyed polyester or viscous with white polyester /cotton. Kermal is an armide fibre blended, yarn manufacturer from India also suppliers of polyester yarns, nylon yarns, dyed textured polyester yarns, covered yarns, yarns, textile suppliers, fabrics suppliers, wholesale fabric suppliers and textile fabric exporters, Manufacturers In India - Soma Textiles is leading Textile Fabric Manufacturers, exporters, suppliers in India, We are Indian Textile Fabric.Industrial Filtration Services,industries | Total Views 50 Oil Filter for TurbineSHACO ENTERPRISESindustries | Total Views 68 Industrial Sewing Machines, Bag Stitching Bags Making Machines Spare Parts, Textile Stitching Machines JAYBHARAT LUBRICANTS (I) | Total Views 153 Industrial Automative Lubricants, Textile & Marine Lubricants, Wheel Bearing Grease, M.P.Grease 2, 3 CHISTIA SYNTHETICS | Total Views 90 Mfg. & Exporters, Importers Traders, Textile Yarns, Software Industry S.KUKARS NATIONWIDE LTD.Textile-Industries | Total Views 16 Deals in Textiles/Yarn, Textile Yarn manufacturers, Textile Yarn suppliers, Textile Yarn producers, Textile Yarn exporters, Textile Yarn production centers.

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