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Best Food Irradiation Plant in IndiaGamma Radiography | Total Views 14 Symec Engineers is one of the best food irradiation plant in India. We offer the best food radiation processing technology which offers an effective alternative to chemicals as phytosanitary or quarantine measure.

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INTERNATIONAL RADIOGRAPHY SERVICESLab-Testing | Total Views 49 NDT Services, Non Destructive Testing Equipments, Radiography with Gamma-Ray, Radiography with X-Ray, Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, Welding Inspection, In Service Inspection of Plants. Best Food Irradiation Plant in IndiaGamma Radiography | Total Views 14 Symec Engineers is one of the best food irradiation plant in India. We offer the best food radiation processing technology which offers an effective alternative to chemicals as phytosanitary or quarantine measure. Bloodless and Painless Brain SurgeryHospitals | Total Views 100 Brain Surgery is very painful procedure there is long recovery period with long hospitalization and a number of complications with heavy medications. One can avoid brain surgery by opting for Gamma Knife Radiosurgery which is a safe, painless, no bloodless process with any cut or stitch. There is no long recovery period with minimal medicines. Gamma Knife Surgery is so convenient that patient can be treated on OPD basis or on day-care basis. Gamma Knife Perfexion which is 5th generation latest robotic machine is functional at Goodwill Hospital, NOIDA. The brain surgery done by this robotic machine is very precise and of high standard, IT delivered by done by robotic drives without any harm to the surrounding parts of the brain. Gamma Knife Centre at Goodwill Hospital sector 40 NOIDA, have world s best robotic machine and universally acclaimed Gamma Knife Neurosurgeon Dr. M.S.Gaur who is having 20 years experience of treating patients. WORLD S BEST TREATMENT OF BRAIN TUMOURS IS AVAILABLE both technically and authentically IN INDIA AT INDIAN RATES. Beside better option over invasive surgery, gamma knife surgery is cost effective and non invasive brain surgery. For details contact I.M.Tiwari can contact me on my phone no. 09911107888 G.M. Gamma Knife Centre Toyo Santé Medicare Pvt. ltd. INDO-THERM ENGINEERS | Total Views 15 Heat Treatment Shops, NDT Services, Material Testing Laboratories, Radiographic Testing (X ray & Gamma Ray), Ultrasonic Testing (Flaw Detection & Thickness Measurement), Magnetic Particle Testing (Yoke, Coil & Prod Type), Dye Penetrant Testing, Hardness T ALLANS MEDICAL SYSTEMSDental Clinics | Total Views 102 Dental X-Ray Machines (Wall & Floor Model), Portable X-Rays ( 15MA, 30 MA, 50 MA), Mobile X-Rays (60 MA, 80 MA, 100 MA), Basic Radiography Systems (100 MA, 300 MA With Bucky Table),C-Arm, O.P.G & Sonographgamma electronicsElectronics Manufacturing Service | Total Views 33 Gamma Electronics leads the industry in innovative solutions for wire and cable identification, as well as complete connection, conductor, joint, and terminal protection products.Gamma Electronics Inc is headquartered in sunny Southern California, which is where we manufacture and inventory our broad and competitive product line. If you are looking to insulate, label or protect you cables or connectors, you are working with the right company and have come to the right website. Our creative team leads the industry in innovative solutions for wire and cable identification, as well as complete connection, conductor, joint, and terminal protection products. These include heat shrink tubing and non-shrinkable sleeves. We devote ourselves to supplying exceptional products that not only meet the required standards but surpasses them with ease. Our products are in conformance with various industry standards such as Underwriters Laboratories, Canadian Standards Association, and Military standards. We also provide solutions to wire and cable bundling problems, and lead the market in wire and cable labeling and marking systemsRoot Canal FoundationCosmetic Dental Procedures | Total Views 59 Root Canal Foundation is an ISO certified multi-specialty dental clinic in Chennai located at Anna Nagar. It is one of the finest dental clinics in Chennai that provides Root Canal Therapy at high standards. We are intended to provide high class, friendly dental care treatments in a comfortable environment for the patients. The team of highly experienced and dedicated dental care Professionals in the clinic is headed by Dr. Gopi Krishna who is the best Root Canal Specialist in Chennai. As we have the best practitioners in all areas of Dentistry, we are offering a diverse range of oral care treatments like Pediatric Dentistry, Gum disease treatment, Dentures, Orthodontic treatments, Implant Dentistry and much more. Our clinic is a training centre that conducts endodontic training programmes. The training centre is furnished with advanced training facilities electronic apex locators, dental radiography, thermoplasticized obturation systems and other accessories that assures the effective learning. Sanjivani Dental Clinic DrSheelas Dental Care DrSheela Malaviya Akbari Best Dentist JamnagarCosmetic Dealers | Total Views 213 Sanjivani Dental Clinic are doing all types of multiple treatments like Consultation, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Dental implants, Smile Designing, Tooth Jewellery, Dental Fashion Jewellery, Root Canal Treatment, Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment, Dental Veneers, Dental Laminates, Crowns & Brides, Post & Core, Paediatric Dentistry, Orthodontic, Tooth Straightening, Fillings, Gum Problems, Hypersensitivity Relief, Extraction, Impacted Teeth , Wisdom Teeth, Third Molars, Denture, Apicoectomy Treatment and many more… Staying abreast with the rapidly changing technologies allows us to provide the best care for our patients. Our 15 years of precious experience in dental health care sector makes us the most reliable and trust worthy name in Jamnagar city. Our Clinic Loaded with Hitech Instruments like Digital X-Ray, Digital radiography, Precision Endodontic, Morita ZX MINI, Ultrasonic Scaling, Sterilization, Ultrasonic Scaler, Light Cure Machine. We believe in involving the client in the treatment process explaining the finer details of every procedure and helping them to make an informed decision. We strive to provide treatments such as Cosmetic Dentistry, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Teeth Whitening, Smile Designing, root canal treatment, Gum Problem, Tooth Straightening and Wisdom teeth. All multiple dental diseases can be treated at the one place. We are doing all types of multiple treatments for all kinds and classes of patients. We have included different faculty dentists in our panel, so that each treatment will be perfect and accurate. We believe to involving our patients with the optimum dental care, using the latest dental technology, techniques and dental materials available. Thyrocare Health CheckupBody Massage Centres | Total Views 106 Healthcareontime introduces Preventive Health Checkup at your home (from THYROCARE Technologies Limited) Comprehensive PREVENTIVE Health checkup. This offer is valid PAN India with FREE Home service. • Diabetic Profile (including HbA1c)- 2 tests • Liver profile - 10 tests • Cholesterol profile - 7 tests • Kidney profile - 5 tests • Iron deficiency profile - 3 tests • Thyroid profile- 3 tests • Infections (Hemogram + CBC + ESR) - 17 tests Details of each tests are as below: • Diabetic screen (2) » HbA1c » Average Blood Glucose • Lipid Profile (7) » Total Cholesterol » HDL Cholesterol » Triglycerides » LDL Cholesterol » VLDL Cholesterol » TC / HDL Cholesterol ratio » LDL / HDL ratio • Liver Profile (10) » Bilirubin (Total) » Bilirubin (Direct) » Bilirubin (Indirect) » SGOT (AST) » SGPT (ALT) » Alkaline Phosphatase » Gamma Glutamyl Transferase » Serum Albumin » Protein - Total » Serum Albumin / Globulin • Renal Profile (5) » Calcium » Uric Acid » Blood Urea Nitrogen » Serum Creatinine » BUN/Creatinine ratio • Iron Deficiency Profile (3) » Serum Iron » Total Iron Binding Capacity » % Transferrin Saturation • Thyroid Profile (3) » Total Triiodothyronine » Total Thyroxine » Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (T3 + T4 + TSH) • Hemogram (17) » White Cell Count » Neutrophils » Lymphocytes » Monocytes » Eosinophils » Basophils » Red Cell Count » Hemoglobin » Hematocrit » Mean Corpuscular Volume » Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin » MCH Concentration » Red Cell Distribution Width » Platelet Count » Platelet Distribution Width » Mean Platelet Volume » ESR • For more details visit Steps to Avail the Health Check Up Benefit 1. For booking please send your name/address/contact no by email to with the below details: Number of Persons to be diagnosed:- Complete Names of all people undergoing the tests with Age & Gender:- Postal Address:- Pincode:- Mobile No:- 2. Our agent will call you and fix an appointment 3. Blood/urine sample collected from your residence 4. You need to make the payment to Thyrocare when our person comes to pick up the samples 5. Reports will be couriered at your residence in 3-4 days. We will also email the reports the next day on your email address mentioned while booking. For more details visit WATEC CAMERA INDIACCTV Cameras | Total Views 84 Watec Cameras (India) We are the official channel partner for Watec Cameras in India, Complete range of watec cameras is available through us. we can also support for complete imaging system. Please get in touch with us for more information about our products & services. We hold complete portfolio of watec analog cameras & analog cameras BalaJi MicroTechnologies holds very strong expertise in offering its customers dedicated one-stop solution for all their cameras requirements in building their imaging systems. The BalaJi MicroTechnologies leverages its unique experience and expertise built over the years to offer appropriate camera solutions to solve complex image processing problems and build innovative machine vision/Medical Imaging solutions for OEM. we have large portfolio of cameras which are ideal for variety of machine vision & medical Imaging applications. FOR MORE DETAILS,KINDLY VISIT WEBSITE : ABOUT US BalaJi MicroTechnologies is registered in India under Indian companies’ act 1955. We are self-financed and privately held company. we are a part of "B.B. GROUP OF COMPANIES". "We are a machine vision solution provider & recognized as a premier designer and leading supplier of high-performance imaging systems and other imaging components for wide variety of applications. Our company core interest lies in security/surveillance, Industrial/machine vision and medical imaging domain." BalaJi MicroTechnologies has seen tremendous growth over the years and recognize as one of the leading and highly experienced machine vision solution provider in India. We have a highly talented and skilled multidisciplinary team of engineers with expertise in machine vision applications and hardware and a track record of offering solutions for challenging technical problems. We also cater our customers with our large portfolio of CCD/CMOS Image Sensors, Cameras, lenses & filters, accessories & other associated optics which is required to build complete systems. We are specialized in CCD/CMOS Cameras, USB Cameras, Smart Cameras, Industrial Camera, Custom Camera development, FrameGrabbers, CCD/CMOS image sensors, Machine Vision cameras, 3d cameras, Scientific & Astronomy cameras, CameraLink Cameras, GigE Cameras, Digital Radiography cameras, Microscopy cameras, X-ray & Medical imaging cameras etc. Our company corporate website: We also have our other associated website as:

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