Defoliant exposure may cause the individual risk of fatal prostate cancer Gymnasium | Total Views 132 Recently, researchers found that defoliant exposure to be linked with the risk of fatal prostate cancer, the defoliant was a toxic substance used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War, the researchers said that the harm caused due to exposure, and should therefore give Department of Veterans carried out the screening of the a certain prostate cancer of the. Preliminary study found that defoliant exposure may increase the risk of men suffering from prostate, but the researchers are unsure whether Agent Orange exposure can specifically increase individual risk of fatal prostate cancer risk. The researchers said that most prostate cases are non-lethal, these cases do not require special treatment, specifically to detect life-threatening prostate cancer will improve the efficiency of the screening of patients, the effect of the therapy as well as survival rate. Article, the researchers carried out experiments on the 2720 American Legion its first prostate biopsy, followed by analysis of the experimental results, which found that 896 soldiers with prostate cancer, 459 were high cancer. The biopsy reveals, defoliant exposure and risk of prostate cancer increased by 52% is directly related to exposure to the herbicide does not increase the low risk of prostate cancer, but its 75% high risk of prostate cancer is directly related to. In addition, Agent Orange exposure can increase the maximum bit, even more than twice the risk of fatal cancer. This study reveals, determine the U.S. Department of Veterans Agent Orange exposure is critical for improving prostate cancer screening, as well as therapy, which also prolong life provides a foundation for the development of targeted therapy of early. Finally, the researchers said the study is to raise public to avoid defoliant exposure to harmful chemical contaminants, improve self-awareness of self-protection provides a number of study materials and ideas. Shani sade sati and shani dosh nivaran pooja specialist astrologer Other-Services | Total Views 163 All your Problems will start getting resolved within few time after contacting him. For all sorts of hardships in your life, you can contact swami Santosh Shastri ji maharaj . He will give you assured and permanent solution for your all problems with Great Secrecy and Trust. He is always ready to help people with his Divine Healing Power. He is Expert in resolving all sorts of Problems and Hardships you face in any point of time during your lifetime,Swami santosh shatsri ji never failed in 37 years career just one call shatsri ji and get solution your whole life problem +91 95699-43999 +91 75085-19612 He has many Satisfied Clients from all over the World. Black Magic Specailist india Astrologer ” he has been giving astrological guidance to people all over India , USA , Australia , UK , South, Africa , Japan ,Europe, Argentina and many other countries for more than 47 years. The clients seeking astrological guidance include people from almost all spheres of life. For all Astrological Consultat… NOTE-: distance doesnt matter in solution Website---- E-Mail Id- Contact Us- With in India 095699-43999 ,075085-19612 Outside In india +9195699-43999 +9175085-19612

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