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804 Jan. 2020Kolkata
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Who are we? We are an agency with an unconventional innovation lab, run by smart brand builders and out-of-the-box storytellers. Our passion lies in simplifying communication with next-generation techniques and strategies to foster the growth of our clients. We enjoy getting to know all our clients and we like to invest ourselves in their success. We don't just build communication strategies; we help our customers to build relationships that yield results. Why Turiya Communications? The greatest communicators who have walked the earth such as Buddha, Osho, Mira, Kabir, Nanak, Gorakh Nath, Tulsi, Balmiki and Ved Vyas, among others, have planted the seeds for new ways of thinking and inspired others to think in similar ways. These brilliant minds have one thing in common: They communicated when they were in their Turiya consciousness, which is the highest state of consciousness. As a communication agency, we believe in building relationships and telling stories for our clients in the traditional and online space through simplified communication, keeping in mind their needs and preferences. Simplified communication is more than mere words and sentences. It requires a clear thought process, which is possible to achieve only in the Turiya state of consciousness. This inspired us in naming our agency. Our focus lies in meeting the digital needs of our clients with the highest possible standards, using a combination of various communication strategies and creative marketing techniques. Our areas of excellence include branding, media strategy and planning, public relations, social media measurement, media and marketing operations management, market research, analysis of emerging trends and key issues, event management, dashboard creation, report generation and presentation, among others. At Turiya Communications, we are committed to delivering with nothing but the best. So if not us, then who?


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Turiya Communications188A/14A, Manicktala Main Road, Scheme: VI M, Kolkata-700054+91 8981592855Turiya Communications

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