The Journey Of Kolkata Pantry Best Buffet Restaurants Of Kolkata in Kolkata

P-596, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Sarani, Hindustan Park, Kolkata - 700029

2131 Mar. 2020Kolkata
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The unique culture of Kolkata compelled the Bengali residents to be adventurous about different cuisines of the world. You can hardly find another place in this hugely diverse country that has such a great food history as the Bengali of Kolkata. The residents of this bustling city are known to have a long history as the paradise of food lovers. The food-loving people of this city have given the management of Kolkata Pantry the courage to start their journey. We understand the mentality of the people residing in the city and know that if we can serve high-quality food to them, the city will remember us forever. To make sure that we can cater to every food requirement of the people of Kolkata, the restaurant has opened a multi-cuisine kitchen where delectable tandoor, continental, Indian, Chinese, and BBQ dishes are prepared. We aim to delight your taste bud and notch up your food experience to become one of the top buffet restaurants in Kolkata in the coming years. As a restaurant, our simple mission is to make a culinary mark in the vast food scenery of Kolkata. We hope to woo the customers of the city first and then venture into other geographic areas of this versatile country. We believe in serving quality food at a pocket-friendly price and think that this simple step will help us to gain acknowledgement from the customers. We are waiting to serve you with delicious hot food at our place in Hindustan Park. Come to us directly or call on 09330757855/ 03379600916 to book a table. You can drop a line at to let us know about your queries. Visit our website at to check our menu.


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The Journey Of Kolkata Pantry Best Buffet Restaurants Of KolkataP-596, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Sarani, Hindustan Park, Kolkata - 700029+91 9836671564

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