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MSOffice Solution is one of the fastest growing consultancy firm, delivers a broad suite of "Impact Consulting" services and end-to-end solutions, helping large and mid-market organizations plan, grow, structure, and technology-enable their business. Our all founder members are Ex Mckinsey and Ex BCG professionals which makes this organization apart from other organization We offer a range of solutions that bring immediate business benefits to our global customers who are interested in leveraging big data, statistical and mathematical modeling techniques, social analytics, and mobile descriptive analytics for new business insights. With the growing importance of analytics and its role in improving ROI, MS office solution help in solving challenges various organizations face when adopting analytics – the gap between formation & consumption resulting in analytics not yielding the optimum business impact. MS Office Solution bridges this gap by integrating creation, consumption, correction and fusion of analytics. We thrive on enabling long term sustained success by providing new solutions that improve business performance of the client and turning the initiatives into reality.



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Ms Office SolutionPower-702 Vatika 7 Lemps, Sector 82 Gurgaon -122001(Haryana)+91 8377838701

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