The Fifth Element Spiritual in Goaljan

kuddos waddo,near aromilla villa,arpora,goa

1726 Jan. 2020Goaljan
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The Fifth Element Spiritual is spiritual space. My name is Minerva Jain and I am a Tarot Reader. Reading Tarot cards is simply reading the energies that are going on for you at the moment, it’s not predicting future as we all possess free will, it’s simply reading energies and showing you the deeper layers of your intuition and also receiving messages from your angels. In my experience, I can say that if Reiki is something that heals the energetic body and physical body by receiving either face to face healing sessions or by distance healing sessions which help in clearing your energy centers (Chakras) and help your cells to regenerate, reconnect new wires in your brain and body by the power of belief and by the help of Reiki energies. ThetaHealing sessions truly open ups the gate of our subconscious mind and lets us view the various patterns a person might be following psychologically and how every time the same situation arises we end up behaving the same way, it’s truly is a real science-based modality which shows a client to see for herself how deeper issues are present in our subconscious mind which are harming us and also how really by coming face to face with these patterns, we have the power to change these patterns and get a different result just like working with a software program on a computer.


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The Fifth Element Spiritualkuddos waddo,near aromilla villa,arpora,goa+91

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