J N J D A V SR SEC PUBLIC SCHOOL Montessori-Schools | Total Views 105 A man is not known by the span of years he live rather by the deeds done by him in his lifetime. So live a life full of great deeds so that your name is engraved in the history with golden words. Be like sandalwood which spreads fragrance all around instead of dry wood. Remove the darkness spread in the society with your enlightened minds & show path to your fellow friends whenever they deviate from their path. Life is not a bed of roses so face the adversities of life if any with courage & Remember ,with will- power & determination, every obstacle can be removed from the path .Nothing is impossible in the world as the word “Impossible “ itself says I am possible. So fold your sleeves & step out into the world to make impossible things possible to cherish your goals & dreams. Goyal Graphics Flex Printing Services | Total Views 160 Screen printing printing-press Flex-Printing-Services Guru Gobind Singh College of Education College-Science | Total Views 170 Guru Gobind Singh College of Education (For Women) was established in 2006, is an educationally backward area of Punjab in the city Giddarbaha. For the upliftment of Women Education, a good teacher training institution was a need of time in this rural area. From this point of view the management committee decide to establish an institution to fulfill the requirement of good studies in this backward area. The institution is named after 10th Guru of Silh religion Guru Gobind Singh J

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