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721 Feb. 2020Coimbatore
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Dhyanamukti is presenting the right classrooms to practice yoga, meditation and body-mind counseling in Coimbatore. We had set up well-disciplined classrooms which will offer a peaceful atmosphere to practice these studies. Yoga can improve the ability of both body and mind and it has the power to protect us from various kinds of diseases. Practicing the right yoga will even help for cancer patients to recover Read more Meditation is a magic which can be given to your mind to have relief from various kinds of mental disorders. Most of the people are having stress, anxiety etc.. from their everyday life. Right meditation gives total meditation for all mental problems. Read more Counseling is a type of assistance that can be given to a person who is having different kinds of problems such as addictions, depressions, failures and so on. Dhyanamukti is presenting the best body and mind counseling in Coimbatore. Read more


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DhyanamuktiC2 Ranga Building, Sitra +91 9080464850

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