CHANDRAKONA VIDYASAGAR MAHAVIDYALAYA Junior Colleges | Total Views 104 Chandrakona was a fourishing place in the 2nd half of the 17th century and in valentijri map it appears as a large village on an unnamed river (the Silai) under the name of Sjandercona. According to tradition, Chandrakona was formerly called Mana & Was held in the eight century A.D. by a Raja named Khaira. In the palmy days of Chandrakona, the town was divided in to many Bazars. It was once a well known centre weaving industry, Brass metal craft & Sangeet gharana. It has seen the Paik & Chuar rebellians. The former importance of the place is shown by several remains & old institutions. Chandrakona was deprived of an institution of higher education & learnig since independence inspite of its rich potential feeder schools, thick population, sociol economic demand, broad coverage of two panchayet Samities & three Municipalities. Gourav Guin Memorial College Junior Colleges | Total Views 117 Despite all the facts stated above, the District of Medinipur, particularly Paschim Medinipur, has remained an Educationally Backward Area (Jangal Mahal) because of its geographical location. It is a border area adjacent to Jharkhand where also the light of knowledge and culture is no enkindled in an adequate manner. That is why it is also designated as Educationally Backward District as the Gross Enrolment Ratio in this district is much lower than the National Average. The scenario hardly argues well for an all-round and balanced development of this Educationally Backward District. In this perspective, Gourav Guin Memorial College was established on 28th August, 2008 and she started her auspicious journey on the 1st day of September, 2008 after having received due permission from Higher Education Department of the Government of West Bengal (Dated 18th July, 2008) and also subsequently affiliated to Vidyasagar University (Dated 30th July, 2008) for the session 2008-2009 in order to meet the demands of the local people organized by an N.G.O. entitled ‘Chandrakona Road Social and Human Development Society’. Gourav Guin whose name of our College commemorates was a teen-aged boy who was unfortunately died a sad, premature death in the prime of his youth. May his departed soul rest in place and inspired hundreds and thousands of young boys and girls to become true human beings in the proper sense of the term. Excellent Model College for Teacher Education Engineering Colleges | Total Views 125 To promote quality education in all the streams with a view to establish research units. To provide all amenities for the students, faculty members and staff by establishing both residential and non-residential institution. To create the opportunities for research and surveys on technical subjects. To create the opportunities to the students and faculty members to enhance their skills to interact with industry and globalize the opportunities by arranging guest lectures, seminars, conferences, symposia and workshops and thus enable them to mingle and exchange views with intelligentsia and elite of the society. To provide and extend facilities like libraries, book clubs all over the country. Institute of Science and Technology Arts-Colleges | Total Views 102 Institute of Science & Technology is a self financing college, sponsored by Gopsai Avinandan Sangha has been started in the year 2005 with a noble aim of imparting technical education to the rural masses in and around West Bengal. The institution enables them to be placed as the best professionals in industries and make them enter into high level programmes with competence and confidence.

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