Sep 252014

India is very historical and cultural country. It is a country of Festival and Celebrations. Every Festival has a meaningful background. India is also called as spiritual country. Each Festival has own significance to celebrates festival. Enjoyment is other part which sets our festival mood.

“Ya devi sarvabhuteshu lakshmi – rupena samsthita, namas tasyai namas tasyi namas tasyai   namo namah”.


Navaratri is one of most famous hindu festival of India. The meaning of navaratri means nine nights. Each and every day of navaratri is form of goddess Durga. Indian People Calibrated Navaratri to taking fast and playing Dandiya and Garba. Reason behind playing dandiya is only earning blessings from Goddess Durga.

Today is ghatastapna 1st day of navaratri . navaratri celebrated in gujrat,bengal,and other part of india 1st day Ekaam  is dedicated to Goddess  Shailputri (daughter of Himalaya) .2nd day Duj is dedicated to  Goddess Bramcharini (peaceful form of Durga) .3rd day Tritiya is dedicated to  goddess Chandra ghanta (anger form of Durga .4th day  Chaturthi is dedicated to goddess Kushmanda (happy form of Durga).5th day  Panchmi is dedicated to  goddess Skand mata (blessing form of Durga).6th day  Shasthi is dedicated to Goddess Katyayani(daughter form of Durga).7th  day Saptami  is dedicated to Goddess Kalratri (cruel and violent form of Durga).8th day Astami is dedicated to Goddess Maha gauri (form of mata parvati and symbol of purity).9th day Navmi is dedicated to the goddess Siddhidatri(knowledge form of durga).

Navaratri celebrated in different part  of India in differ forms.but  most celebrated in Gujarat. dandiya and garba are arranged in each n every place of Gujarat specially in Ahmadabad. Bengalis people they celebrates as a durga puja.In East India and rest of India celebrates as a  Dusshera.

Nowadays youngster  celebrates  navaratri using bands and DJs keeping in touch with trendy songs. Navaratri Festival is Very colorful, soulful and energetic festival .We should try to celebrate festival in traditional way. Some People come together in festival and arranged social activities to celebrate festival. wishing you Happy navaratri. This festival brings you more happiness and success.

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