Nov 092015

Talking about today’s globalised business, when one wants to negotiate with the customers and needier, the only renowned agenda is promotion. If you are looking for free classified sites or business directory sites online in India then Indiaaclick is the best option to go for.

When you have a business you would surely like to introduce it to people at reasonably priced. But, how to do so? The very influential platform coming forward in the surfing world is the “Classified Site” / “Business Directory Posting”.

It is worth enough when you have no budget for other forms of advertising. And offers you to do so in free. Yes, you don’t have to pay for what you post and promote, and in all possible categories.

Why go with classified ads?

  • No-time taking and less money:
    The door-to-door promotion, posters, banners or television ads will take much of your prized time and cash. At this stage you would seek an option which takes less duration to be created, less money and attracts at the same time, that is, what classified sites offer.
  • Accessible:
    Internet is a brand now and most number of people can be reached with the making and updating of classified posts. Instead of reading publications and listening radio, people from all walks of life get to this online thing.
  • Online Ads are for everyone:
    These classified ads are not specifically for a certain group or industry but is open to all with a legal age and content to write over.

Heavily marketed:
Online, the word itself expresses everything. Online buying, selling, advertising is done in large numbers. It reaches to maximum people who are willing to buy and sell their products, services or business with no money out of pocket for ads.

To avail these benefits, one must enter the world of classified ads/business directory and go for reaching the innumerable consumers at good rates. helps you get registered on the site & let you allow to posts and promote business online.

Mar 082013

A business can consist of many internal departments such as production, distribution and quality maintenance. But, the most important emphasis is laid on the sales and advertising of the products and services made by the entrepreneur. It is regarded as a prominent department as the way to expand the business goes through it. This is continuously changing field with an invention and spread of the new and innovative ideas. As a producer, you must be acquainted with these current trends in the marketing business. Posting online classified ad for your business promotion is one of such advertising tools that have gained popularity over a last couple of years.

Previously, the advertisement through newspaper and printed media was the only source to reach to the larger number of people. Businessmen used to rely on the traditional tools for sales and promotion. Mouth to mouth publicity was one of such options to expand the business. But, nowadays the world has become a global village due to spread of technology and means of communication. In this globalised era, new means have been founded for reaching to the vast number of masses. Thus, online marketing has become famous way to attract the attention of millions of users to your product and services.

There are number of benefits of these online ads. You can take advantage of these plus points for increasing the business opportunities and utilize them for earning more profits. Following are some of these advantages-

  • Lesser expensive tools for advertising- The most important benefit of the online classified ad is that they are cost-free. Unlike the huge expenses incurred on the other types of advertising, you do not have to invest even a penny while posting your ads on internet.
  • The ability to reach to all net-users in just a second- All you have to do is to make the details of your product visible on the websites. The users will be able to view the characteristics and facilities provided by you in one click.
  • Easy to modify and replace- If you want to make any changes that are essential to the expansion of your business, all you have to do is the editing and modifying an online ad which takes hardly few minutes. This is rarely possible in the case of ads posted in papers or printed media because once published; they cannot be replaced or altered easily.

So, for the business promotion in a fast growing industrial atmosphere, online ad is the best option. Here are few tips to enhance your profit rates through these tools-

  • Use creative and innovative ways to state technical details of the product. It will remove the monotonous way of giving information and attract more clients.
  • Try to provide authentication for your company by linking your authorized website to the advertisement. It will ensure other business alliances who would like to collaborate with you.
  • It will be better if you can relate more websites to your ad by interlinking. So, the users will approach your ads through their favorite sites.

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Nov 082012

For anyone looking to buy or sell anything using online classified ads is one of the best ways to go. You can go through the classified ads in your local newspaper, but you must remember that in order to get your ad in the newspaper, the seller must pay to have the ad placed. With online ads, the majority of the sites do not charge the seller or the buyer any money to place an ad or view an ad. This means that more people would rather place an ad online than pay to have it in the local newspaper.

Another great reason to use classified ads as a seller is that more people will view the ad which means you will also have better chances of selling the item. When you place an ad online it will be viewed by more people than it does in a local newspaper which can be a huge benefit if you are selling a big ticket item such as home, car, or even a computer. For those looking for such items, traveling a long way from home is not a huge problem.

How does it save time to use classified ads?

For sellers, it is much easier to add their items to an online classified ad website than it is to order an ad online. Online all you have to do is add the information and you are finished. Your ad will be published and you just wait for the calls or emails to come in. If you are buying an ad in a newspaper you will need to call them, pay for the ad, and then wait until the paper is printed before you start getting calls.

For those looking to buy, there are usually more ads online than in the local newspaper. This means they will be able to see more ads from all across the area selling the items they are looking for which will certainly save time. You may be able to find more than one person selling the items you want which allows you to compare prices and features of the items and get the best deal ever.

Classified ads online are normally divided so you can find all the items you want instead of searching through the entire selling products. Too many times, in a newspaper the category are not divided so you can easily find the exact items you need, whereas online the categories are usually very exact so you will be able to save more time looking online than scouring through several newspapers for the best deal.


Nov 012012

Modern world has given rise to a fierce competition between all types of businesses. Through the expansion of industries and increase in products, every producer tries to earn maximum profits to the best possible extent. In this type of environment of growing challenges, advertisement of your product is the major tool that can help you to achieve growth rates for your business. Classified Ads in India do the same job of increasing base of your customers and attract new opportunities to your product. But, the art of selling is required for the best utilization of these ads.

The Specific Characteristics of the Classified Ads

Classified Ads are regarded as easier and simpler ways to reach to the optimum number of consumers. They are quick and concise advertisements that state the details of your product in an effective way. Following are some of the features of classified ads that are placed on the Internet-

  • These ads are placed on the Internet in the same way the small ads are put in magazines and papers, books, etc. But, the difference between these two mediums is quite vast. Internet classified ads are posed immediately and their effects can be tracked down quickly. Also, they can be modified and deleted in no time.
  • The classified ads can be posted for free, regardless of the type or size of them. The other mediums charge very expensive rates for the marketing of products in their resources. Therefore, internet provides a great assistance to sellers to advertise their products or services.
  • One more characteristic of these types of marketing is the availability of large number of viewers. Nowadays, approximately 70 percent of the population uses internet as the primary source of information.

In this way, the classified ads can be considered as an effective way to expand the business. There are some tips that may help you to acquire art of selling.

Art of Selling and classified ads

Art of selling is defined as a technique that can be used for marketing your products. It is a set of verified tactics that are helpful while providing the details of your business and attract the customers to it. Basically, there are three important points that can explain, how to indulge the art of selling while posting classified ads-

  • Use the creativity and innovative mindset: This is a basic principle in the subject of art of selling. To distinguish your services and facilities given by the product, it is necessary to use creative ideas while making an advertisement. A different marketing strategy always creates a large number of viewers. And in a way, expands the business opportunities.
  • Impressive communication skills: It is important to use a concise and to the point language. Do not change a direction of the narration, as it creates confusion in the mind of audience. Use short and quick ways to explain what you want to say.
  • Ability to understand the consumer requirements: The capacity to recognize exact needs of the users, will make you able to put these details in your advertisement. That will naturally increase the flow of customers.