Feb 292016

Since website infers a geographic spot, a Web webpage can be mistaken for a Web server. A server is a PC that holds the documents for one or more destinations. An expansive Web website might be spread over various servers in various geographic areas. indiaaclick is a decent sample; its Web webpage comprises of a huge number of records spread out over numerous servers in overall areas. In any case, a more run of the mill case is most likely the site you are taking a gander at, whatis.com. We dwell on a business space supplier’s server with various different destinations that have nothing to do with Internet glossaries.

A Web website is a related gathering of World Wide Web (WWW) records that incorporates a starting document called a landing page. An organization or an individual lets you know how to get to their Web webpage by giving you the location of their landing page. From the landing page, you can get to the various pages on their site. For instance, the Web website for indiaaclick has the landing page location of http://www.indiaaclick.com. (The landing page address really incorporates a particular document name like index.html be that as it may, as for indiaaclick’s situation, when a standard default name is set up, clients don’t need to enter the record name.) indiaaclick’s landing page address prompts a great many pages. (Be that as it may, a Web website can likewise be only a couple pages.)

An equivalent word and less often utilized term for Web website is “Web vicinity.” That term appears to better express the thought that a webpage is not attached to particular geographic area, but rather is “some place in the internet.” However, “Site” is by all accounts utilized a great deal all the more regularly.

Nov 232015

Classified sites are approaching large crowd and are leading brands in advertising, whether a product or service. Running a number of classified agencies on the internet has created hustle and bustle for the advertisers. This competition among the classifieds companies has heated up!

Are you seeking for high traffic, rankings in top, good leads, and high visibility for your classified sites? You can surely see yourself among the top visited sites in search engine if you follow these leads:

Know your strengths:

Once you acknowledge what are the for and against about your site or business, you can stimulate your pros and chop down your cons. It’s necessary to evaluate your experience till date and find out the work you have to work upon further and criticize the things unbiased.

The basic approach for classified sites is to make the ads for free or paid according to the business requirements. If the app or site you have created is functionally for brand or utility purpose, it ought to be free but your aim is to make money in one go, opt for paid classifieds.

Traffic Backing:
After the initial stages to hold a large traffic for site, the companies make bond or collaborate with the rising or leading classified sites. They reach the existing buyers and sellers. Even the media personnel remain in touch with the online classified sites and let them access to the traffic of the media company. The online classified sites pay for the traffic received and even bonus when certain purpose is reached.

Sales and Market relationship:

The difference in this strategy from the traffic backing is that besides earning traffic you can promote your current sales, endorse your marketing performance, promote your online classified partner and earn buyers and advertisers on classifieds. This is a win-win situation. The forum discussion, blog commenting, tagging can certainly add to your promotion.


You can add up with different companies building up a network of your own classified sites. The benefits of this strategy are the cost sharing and earning more databases of the customers eventually leaving the site with high traffic.

So, the strategies have their own parts in your business depending on your strong points and minuses. One needs to actively respond and react to the growing competition to stay strong and endure longer in business field.

Sep 222014

indiaaclick.com is in completely new look. We launched mobile version of our website. This is our next step towards a Responsive Website. Our new look of Responsive Website not only means new designing but having new improvements and updates.

Our Aim Is To Give Our User Best User Friendly Website”. No matter which device they are using.


Why Responsive Website?

Now a day’s Web apps. Mobile apps, Responsive Websites are fastest growing Its going to get new things. Today, we have the Parallax, Firefox OS, incredible jquery plug-in, Google web fonts, type connection, Adobe’s edge family of products, the future of HTML5, and lots of technologies.

Businesses are going fast and they are searching the need to prepare customer need. Now Users Having mobile phones and tablet than PCs. Responsive Design Helps to access the information what the user need.

The Responsive Website deliver the same content to any device but view will change depending of size of the screen. It fit onto any size of the screen without doing zoom-in ,zoom-out for read the content.

Not necessary to have two websites one for mobile and other for desktop. Responsive Website having one website accessible from any of the device. Through Responsive Website user can fast reach to access content.

Responsive Website reach to many user who are using mobile for their internet activities(Like Shopping, Social activities etc.). Managing of Website only in one URL. No need to manage two Websites. if the Website is responsive.

So, Responsive Web Design is indeed the future of Website. And it just become a mandatory part of Web Design.

Jan 012014

Nowadays online buying, selling or trading becomes more in craze and that’s why online free classified ads are booming. You will find number of classifieds firms in India. Classified websites are specially designed with categorized for easy search which helps to post effective classified advertisement. For different needs people use such classified ads to market their products and services and get profit in business in more extent. Now world comes very close just because of internet, so that you can search and post required stuff on internet anywhere and at anytime, as a result online advertising of business has a great scope. As compared to other local advertisement medium like papers, magazines, or radio, etc. classified ads are the best medium for advertisement, which do not cost a single rupee for advertisement. By using such free classifieds you can sell products, search job, you can search for pets to buy, even you can give ad if your pet have lost. There are lots of benefits of classified sites you will find, some of those are mentioned below.

Multiple Services-Online ClassifiedsBenefits for seller:

Classified ads are the most effective way to list your products in respective category for advertisement so that it can be viewed by several web users across the world so that it helps to increase the sales. Use of classified ads is more useful for the new business owners as they don’t want to take risk to invest money for expensive advertisement. So it is clear that free classified ads are the best medium to create and enhance their business to reach the potential customers in less time.

Benefits for Job Seeker:

Classifieds are most useful for any job seeker. You can search new jobs according to your preferred job location through classified ads. You can see latest opening in companies further you can contact them using provided contact details with that job ad.

Benefits for buyers:

Free classified ads are the great marketplace for the buyers who want to buy old stuff like TV, Vehicle, electronic gadgets, etc. Due to classifieds you can get a good deals as there are lot of sellers are available to sell same thing which you want to buy, hence classified ads are the best medium to buy old and new stuff online.

These are the very basic benefits are mentioned above but once you start to use it you will understand more about classified ads. Only posting ads on classified site is not everything, however you need to post it in right way, you need to choose the right category of product to post ad, so that buyers can find it very easily. Even many classified sites allow you to connect and post ads on social networking sites like Facebook so that you will get more traffic for your product. Such Classified sites are developed on the basis of SEO facts so that you can get benefits of SEO and your product will be top on the search engine which will increase productivity of your business. Make use of classified sites to promote your business and make more revenue.

Dec 262013

Nowadays individuals and businessman generally use classified ads for promotion of products and services. Use of classified website is excellent way to getting traffic to your product. Many classified websites permit you to post product advertise content with back links and because of which such classified ads make sales inquiry in very short time of being posted. Because of all these terms use of free classified ads, to promote products and services online is one of the effective SEO strategies followed by most online marketer. Using such kind of marketing strategy through the free classified websites you may get the potential of targeted customers. However you need to keep in mind that content should be relevant to your website or product, so that search engine helps to rank your website properly and benefit of this will be, to be listed in the top. Such classified ads are developed SEO oriented using specific strategies, so if you are using free classified ads or paid classified ads for your services then automatically your content get indexed on search engines.

Important terms to follow while posting ads on classified sites:

1] Use only those classified website that permit your product promotion to direct labeling and back links.

2] Properly framed sites only use to post ads, don’t post ads frequently.

3] Describe your business in detail and content should be unique and high quality content.

4] Content should be specific and to the point to understand.

How classified ads impacted by SEO strategies:

1] Classified websites should be with good navigation system and whatever you want to search on that website it should be found not more than two clicks. If websites surpass these terms then search engine spiders will find it and as a result you will not be find your classified ads posted on such sites.

2] Classifieds should be followed as per Google Analytics terms. One of the most important terms from Google Analytics is “Page load speed”. If classified website follows this term then only classified ad will get searched by others.

3] Page load factor is more important in case of ranking of website. If classified site take more than a couple of seconds to load pages then it is sure that posted ad will not be rank on that site.

4] Content is king on which your ad ranking on search engine depends. Always make sure that content which is using for your ad it should be high quality and unique for promoting service ad

Free classifieds are very important term which is important tool in the online marketing business. Free classifieds do not charge anything but you must be careful while using such sites for SEO because, it may makes complex when it comes to website traffic. But the benefit of Classified ads is, people who want to sell their product online they can post it anytime and get contacted by customers immediately. After posting in such site there is no need to wait for getting product in organic ranking.

How classified ads help to someone who is not in organic ranking?

1] Individuals who cannot afford to promote their products within organic listings.

2] For startup people who want to develop their business from every possible resource.

3] Individuals who want to sell their product immediately.

As all knows business can fail if you do not attract buyers towards your business. Same way online marketing also get fails if you do not succeed in getting online traffic to your website and as a result you may fails to run your online business. To beat this issue SEO will help you to attract traffic to it. Free online classified ads are SEO based important software for online marketing business.