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Mrunal Ajmera is blogger, Editor at India A Click. She is also blogger of VMS India. she can be connected on LinkedIn here.

Mar 232016

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s cooperation in celebrating the 4th Anniversary of All of these would not have been successfully held without your cooperation. Thank you for your continued support. Once again, thank you for helping us make the past four years so successful.

Long, long, time ago, in early 2011, we started with the very first version of It was – originally – developed as an internal solution to promote business online. As we got more and more positive feedback, we decided to publish an early prototype of our business portal.

Indiaaclick was born!

At the beginning, was only available in a regular version. During the last couple of years, we added some new models with responsive version and are very proud, that our users can use it now on any device - may it be a Mobile smart phone, Tablet, laptop, desktop Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Today, customers in all over india  and from all industries are happy users. This perfectly reflects our team’s mission: We enable users all over the India to benefit from new technology while getting benefits in the form of enquiries. 

The 4th year of!

The last year was very special for us. Moreover we were able to attract new and keep experienced people in our team which makes us very optimistic and confident when we talk about the months and years ahead of us.

Thank you!

We want to take this opportunity and thank all users, customers, supporters and friends for their support during the last years. Without your continuous feedback (and especially critical feedback) Indiaaclick would not be as great as it is today. Thanks for every single bug report, every suggestion for improvement, and your trust in our product and our team. The biggest “Thank you” has to be addressed towards our team who is spending hours and hours working on and doing a great job.

The last four years showed us that we are on the right way and we will continue with 100% power and motivation to bring more innovation towards the online market.

So be ready for the years to come with!

May 262013

Advertisement has such a vast potential globally in the market and plays an important role in the health of any prosperous business. It acts as a backbone of any business and works hand in hand with sales and marketing strategies. Correct and intensive advertisement is required for any business to keep abreast with the new innovations and be in par with competitions. In today’s market posting ads has become a necessity without which it is like drinking tea without milk; it works hand and glove in the development of any new business or as enhancement to an old existing business. Existing business also needs time and again some kind of a boost to remain in the free ads

Recognition can be developed slowly and steadily by the use of free classified ads, in a manner to suite your company and the services you provide. When you choose the website you think is the most relevant one; by placing ads on these websites you can get backlink to your site and get traffic and receive new contacts. It has always been proved that only by advertising you can come ahead in business and make an impression in the global market. Online marketing is the best and successful method of carving a niche in the whole universe.

Post your free ads universally; search for buying and selling portals, there are also sites which allow you to post ads free they are only meant for campaigning. Indiaaclick is one such site which lets you post free classified ads which are then visible and appear universally for any browser to access. When you post on a well know site, which is well planned and categorized and further sub categorized, making your work easy and precise and you able to target the right client or person. Half your work is complete; there is no registration but a simple form to be filled with the information, for any kind of uploads data, corrections, schemes, deals and offers the site may be offering.

Classified ads when used creatively and to the point, simple and well-illustrated, utilizing product images and graphically designed photographs, will give better results. Only because advertisement means attracting people to your service, the better and catchy it is will get you more response from potential customers a little quicker than a monotonous ad could get. Planning the posting of classified ad according to festivals, seasons, holidays etc. will be an added impact to the ad. The timing of the dates is very important and plays a vital role in catching the larger number of inquiries worldwide. Posting your free classified ads has no time limit and does not have a limit to quantity advertisements you send out universally.

It is the best written and depicted, perfect ad which carries weight-age not only the quantity. Using good header with keywords relevant to your business and in the content insert some deals, schemes or discounts,this is sure to bring your ranking in the search Google to the top. You are now good to go universally with your business or service!

May 222013

Classifieds is the same as a small form of advertisement published in different sections of newspapers, magazines, and mass media which every common man can access and get the information in a gist. Online classifieds has now become the most commonly used methods of publishing classified ads since it is economical, easy and many times even free.

It is just a form of sending a message to the public or making them aware, grouping your classified under a specific heading for example real estate, job hunt, automobiles, matrimony etc. One reason where people or businessmen prefer to use online classifieds is basically in newspaper ads there is a specific type-style, fixed column width and as you increase height the cost proportionately increases; whereas in online it is free you are able to present your ads to your liking.


The main motive for placing your matter on free classified ads would either to buy or sell your product, launch a new product, starting of a new business or even you could be looking for a job or posting a job. There are numerous reasons a person would want to publish an ad. It has to become beneficial to you and the browser, so always aim at achieving this with the help of a well composed and defined, creative and illustrative ad. A site with free classified ad allows you to sell your product or service without spending anything all you have to spend is time. To promote a business why pay when there are sites that offer free service? Find a relevant free classified site which simple lets you place a link to your business site, which draws inquiries and increases potential traffic.

Doing this in the conventional method of going through a newspaper agent to book a space and then allocating an agency to compose or create an artwork for a charge and after all this run about way your ad gets released only after a certain time and only for a day or two according to the package classified newspaper, magazine offers. You would have spent so much even before you realize that the outcome is limited a shortcoming. Whereas online classified ads have many advantages like it can be limitless until you continue posting, updating, editing images in your posts, all this at no cost.

Online classified ads sites are many for you to choose from; you have to select the correct category and section, these sites are easy to navigate and are hassle free. You have the option to extend the duration of an advertisement till you are satisfied with the result and have enough to commence with your business.

When you use the method of starting a business through online classified it is limitless you are doing your business globally there is no comparison to the number of people you will be able to make aware of your business or service to that of a local newspaper ad. There are over six million readers everyday looking for a particular product which you might be offering. This is the only means of expanding your business in a short economical way with huge outcome.

May 152013

“I am having a problem in getting traffic on my site” – This is the frequently asked question and the main grievance every online user comes across.

There are some tips to remember for getting traffic to your website; a continuous SEO follow up and a few tricks by posting good articles with keyword density and well described, catchy and usage of illustrated images in your free classified ads. You can use any social networking site for quick likes and comments from vast number of visitors daily. Allowing your visitors to post free ads easily will grab customers and making your website more popular. Post your classified ad content in such websites where you are sure to get audiences to likely share. Find out the right keywords which will draw searches on Google to your site and use precise phrases which are important and hold weight-age in the content.
seo classified
Always aim at making your website SEO–friendly along with the help of free classified ads to do all the optimization work for you. Allow other websites or blogs to link internally also let your free classified ads link to your business sites too. Installing Google Analytics and keep abreast with the desired results is another way of taking full advantage of free classified ads and posts. Keep updating the articles posted with the registered URLs and themes and headlines. An active participation in communities where your eligible audiences could be contacted virtually would be an added benefit.
Give a lot of attention to how quickly you website loads so that a browser does not lose interest by the time it opens, so is the case of an advertisement. Do not make it lengthy and boring add graphics, images and illustrations having link back, to be able to get in touch. Starting a blog and linking into other similar topic blogs with AdSense enabled, insert social network grouping e.g. Twitter, Google+, Facebook this will help you find new connections and audiences will be able to share and like your posts. Incorporate something interactive and interesting which will entice people to come back again and again. It could even get into a mouth to mouth advertisement adding leverage to your classified ads.

Last and foremost the classified has to be attractive; a regular and poor quality matter will make your whole exercise of SEO a waste with no returns. It is not important as to how many people click on your add which should bother you but how long they remain and read through the ad is valid. Put a lot of effort in using unique headlines and themes but also use a few commonly used words in the phrase so that when people Google search, they might not use high end language and again they might miss your classified ad. Keeping in mind all these points then compose as many free classified ads, there is no fixed amount of ads you can post only not the duration, and accordingly change it for satisfactory results. It does take some time to and effort to achieve the ranking but when it happens then it is very easy to maintain and keep the rank.

May 142013

SEO is considered very essential in online brand development and best business strategy. Usage of Classified ads to promote an online venture consists of various techniques. When these procedures are implemented tactfully and it is also important to learn all the tips and benefits of an ad to altogether boost the effects of online advertisement. Between all strategies in using Search Engine Optimization to get the best results in business, classified ads is recognized and widely used in obtaining the best results in marketing.

Making a search of classified websites which allow backlinks, with relevant matter to enhance your business, and which could act as a direct marketing. Following steps to frame the ad well, describing and posting with the aid of photographs can be utilized for attaining beneficial SEO results. Post your business occasionally on paid or free classified ad websites with your services and products. Finally, never miss the opportunity to post about any upcoming events, schemes, expos,sales etc.; which you want people to be informed well in advance to develop more contacts. With these classified ads pointers SEO for your company website can become an easy method of development.

These classified ads websites are highly reliable for your ad posting. However, when you take care to use the relevant key words the real effect of these classified ads can be achieved, the matter should precise informative and well described to the point, with creative images and animation to catch the attention of targeted audience, posted particularly on websites. These advertisements with surveys boost the classified ads and assists in the ranking in Google search results and hence optimum optimization of the website.

Basically, powerful SEO is required to achieve top listing in the search for your particular product or service in competition to the numerous products and innumerable types of services provided in todays market. To choose any one item there are so many options, combinations, schemes, benefits, sizes, quantity etc. So to tackle this we need the help of good SEO where you will get recognition and remain in the top priority in the ranking, if we fail to maintain this by updating periodically, then the whole exercise is lost and we will have to build this all from scratch. This is where the usage of classified comes to the rescue in maintaining the results and business satisfaction.

With the onset of internet and its search engine optimization benefits, the use of the online classified ads has increased compared to that of its conventional method of placing advertisements in newspapers, through radio massages or magazines. Ads submission is just a small part of effective online sales and marketing campaign. It is the most aggressive means of advertisement; aiming at relevant buyers and sellers and generating queries immediately. Online classified ads being the quickest and latest mode for promoting your business or service and gaining customers in lesser time has now become the very first necessity in today’s world of marketing. It is beneficial for newly started ventures who want to come in the limelight in a jiffy.