Mar 232016

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s cooperation in celebrating the 4th Anniversary of All of these would not have been successfully held without your cooperation. Thank you for your continued support. Once again, thank you for helping us make the past four years so successful.

Long, long, time ago, in early 2011, we started with the very first version of It was – originally – developed as an internal solution to promote business online. As we got more and more positive feedback, we decided to publish an early prototype of our business portal.

Indiaaclick was born!

At the beginning, was only available in a regular version. During the last couple of years, we added some new models with responsive version and are very proud, that our users can use it now on any device - may it be a Mobile smart phone, Tablet, laptop, desktop Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Today, customers in all over india  and from all industries are happy users. This perfectly reflects our team’s mission: We enable users all over the India to benefit from new technology while getting benefits in the form of enquiries. 

The 4th year of!

The last year was very special for us. Moreover we were able to attract new and keep experienced people in our team which makes us very optimistic and confident when we talk about the months and years ahead of us.

Thank you!

We want to take this opportunity and thank all users, customers, supporters and friends for their support during the last years. Without your continuous feedback (and especially critical feedback) Indiaaclick would not be as great as it is today. Thanks for every single bug report, every suggestion for improvement, and your trust in our product and our team. The biggest “Thank you” has to be addressed towards our team who is spending hours and hours working on and doing a great job.

The last four years showed us that we are on the right way and we will continue with 100% power and motivation to bring more innovation towards the online market.

So be ready for the years to come with!