Nov 232015

Classified sites are approaching large crowd and are leading brands in advertising, whether a product or service. Running a number of classified agencies on the internet has created hustle and bustle for the advertisers. This competition among the classifieds companies has heated up!

Are you seeking for high traffic, rankings in top, good leads, and high visibility for your classified sites? You can surely see yourself among the top visited sites in search engine if you follow these leads:

Know your strengths:

Once you acknowledge what are the for and against about your site or business, you can stimulate your pros and chop down your cons. It’s necessary to evaluate your experience till date and find out the work you have to work upon further and criticize the things unbiased.

The basic approach for classified sites is to make the ads for free or paid according to the business requirements. If the app or site you have created is functionally for brand or utility purpose, it ought to be free but your aim is to make money in one go, opt for paid classifieds.

Traffic Backing:
After the initial stages to hold a large traffic for site, the companies make bond or collaborate with the rising or leading classified sites. They reach the existing buyers and sellers. Even the media personnel remain in touch with the online classified sites and let them access to the traffic of the media company. The online classified sites pay for the traffic received and even bonus when certain purpose is reached.

Sales and Market relationship:

The difference in this strategy from the traffic backing is that besides earning traffic you can promote your current sales, endorse your marketing performance, promote your online classified partner and earn buyers and advertisers on classifieds. This is a win-win situation. The forum discussion, blog commenting, tagging can certainly add to your promotion.


You can add up with different companies building up a network of your own classified sites. The benefits of this strategy are the cost sharing and earning more databases of the customers eventually leaving the site with high traffic.

So, the strategies have their own parts in your business depending on your strong points and minuses. One needs to actively respond and react to the growing competition to stay strong and endure longer in business field.

Nov 092015

Talking about today’s globalised business, when one wants to negotiate with the customers and needier, the only renowned agenda is promotion. If you are looking for free classified sites or business directory sites online in India then Indiaaclick is the best option to go for.

When you have a business you would surely like to introduce it to people at reasonably priced. But, how to do so? The very influential platform coming forward in the surfing world is the “Classified Site” / “Business Directory Posting”.

It is worth enough when you have no budget for other forms of advertising. And offers you to do so in free. Yes, you don’t have to pay for what you post and promote, and in all possible categories.

Why go with classified ads?

  • No-time taking and less money:
    The door-to-door promotion, posters, banners or television ads will take much of your prized time and cash. At this stage you would seek an option which takes less duration to be created, less money and attracts at the same time, that is, what classified sites offer.
  • Accessible:
    Internet is a brand now and most number of people can be reached with the making and updating of classified posts. Instead of reading publications and listening radio, people from all walks of life get to this online thing.
  • Online Ads are for everyone:
    These classified ads are not specifically for a certain group or industry but is open to all with a legal age and content to write over.

Heavily marketed:
Online, the word itself expresses everything. Online buying, selling, advertising is done in large numbers. It reaches to maximum people who are willing to buy and sell their products, services or business with no money out of pocket for ads.

To avail these benefits, one must enter the world of classified ads/business directory and go for reaching the innumerable consumers at good rates. helps you get registered on the site & let you allow to posts and promote business online.