Jun 192012

Product Catalog or Comprehensive Corporate Website One of the unduly forgotten applications of a good classifieds script is running a full-fledged corporate website on it. The built-in CMS allows you to create all sorts of pages, include news and current events, product and services description page and categories. And, of course, the catalog of the products presented by your company (equipment, machinery, devices, furniture, etc). You can break the product catalog in several sub-categories, if needed. Besides you can include a number of fields to provide extensive description of all the features of your products and/or services, insert video and plenty of pictures to present each item in the most favorable light.

Vehicle Classifieds Portal You can also create a fast growing and popular on-line multi-category vehicle classifieds portal that offers exciting and effective service to buy and sell any type of vehicles, accessories and related services. Classified ads can include vehicle specs, photos, mileage, price, year, body style, fuel type, exterior and interior color and more. And powerful and flexible search tools will have buyers searching for their specific vehicle. With your own vehicle classified website, you are instantly gaining the competitive edge by offering the highest variety of vehicles on a single website.

Business Directory There is an effective way to create a fast growing and attractive Business for Sale Directory Service and give your customers access to a wealth of new business opportunities and resources. Your target audience will include startup business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, business brokers, managers, everybody looking to start a new business. You can easily create a SEO-friendly online business directory designed to offer businesses for sale, franchise opportunities, and feature business wanted ads. It’s a chance to organize a unique on-line marketplace where your customers advertise their businesses and expose multiple business opportunities to prospective buyers.

Restaurant and Hotel Guide You can create a clean-cut Yellow Pages-style online Restaurant and Hotel Guide. It features popular neighborhood locations or tourist hot spots, and serves as a great town/city guide for visitors and locals alike. You can add extra sections (entertainment, sports and recreational activities) to turn your website into a veritable city/town community making money on banner advertisements from local service providers and listing fees. Such a guide for your local community is a steady source of income from local businesses lined up to post their classifieds ads on your resource.

Travel Agency Website What do you think about a travel agency website? Great overview of travel packages on the front page. Hot/discounted tours posted as Featured Ads. Detailed description of every tour on Static pages, with a summary of offers for every country also on a static page with links to individual descriptions. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Each listing displays essential field data: price, starting date, ending date, countries visited, a colorful slide show of places of interest, detailed description with an itinerary, and the ability to book the tour by sending a reservation request (event calendar). Summary of all the offers by continents, countries and regions worldwide can be presented at the front page.

Collectibles Website One of the most obvious and simple applications of a classifieds software is creating a collectable website. You can have an all-in-one collectable website for your local area, or run a nation-wide collectable website on a more specific category (dolls, coins, toys, knives, artwork, antiques, jewelry, glass, pottery, radios, photos, sports items, memorabilia, etc.), or even a very focused website (Pre-WWII Silver Dollar Collectable, or Bowie Knives of the World). You can set up a collectible community and let fans like you build it and grow it. Change the design, look and feel, use advanced SEO features to get your items indexed by search engines to get max exposure and attract new members.

On-line Career Network A good classifieds script can serve as an efficient tool to create a popular on-line career network serving Career Builders and Recruiters in your region, nation-wide, or worldwide. You can develop your unique job website that will serve the needs of businesses and recruitment agencies by offering thousands and thousands of full-time, part-time, and contract job vacancies everyday! It is also a great way of letting individuals advertise their skills and capabilities looking for their dream jobs. With career-related classifieds website, you will give people a voice and a platform to promote themselves, make them visible and available for new career opportunities. Feel free to contribute to your nation’s economy by reducing unemployment and overcoming the recession.