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Gala No-12, Sluy, MIDC Industrial Area, Chikalthana, Aurangabad - 431006

21303 Mar. 2012Aurangabad Mh
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Specialty Tools And Equipments is well Known for its quality and precision Products. Our product quality is well supported by the qualified and well trained technicians, engineers with vast experience and the State of the Art processing Machinery for manufacturing and Best equipments  for Quality Control. Gear Hob for involute gear Cutting. Upto 12 Mod. Gear Hob for Cycloidal Gear Cutting. Special Profile Hob to cut your Part/Component as Per Your Drag. ,Spline Hob to cut Straight Sided Parallet or helical Splines. Spline Hob to cut Involute Splines. Serration Hob. Timer Pulley Hob. Ratchet Hob. Chamfering Hob. Sprocket Hobs Worm Wheel Hob. Band Saw Hob for Metal Cutting Band Saw Blades. Hack Saw Miling Cutter for Hand Hack Saw,Power Saw. Special Form Relieved Milling Cutters. Scalping Cutters etc.., Hurth Milling Cutters (In pairs) Assymmetrical Profile Hobs. etc 


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Speciality Tools And EquipmentsGala No-12, Sluy, MIDC Industrial Area, Chikalthana, Aurangabad - 431006+91 9422212784-

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