Software QA Testing Training On Banking Domain Education Consultants | Total Views 64 "People with expertise knowledge and skills In QA Testing have become an integral part of any domain of a particular industry or business. And, banking industry is not an alien to this concept. In order o sustain in this competitive world where everything has become computerized, banking personnel also need to well verse with the various banking software that are available in today’s market. And, QA testing is an integral and as well as important aspect of these banking software. QA Testing training has been sub-divided into various parts – beginners, intermediate and master level. One can choose his or her level according to their knowledge and expertise. However, anyone who has the basic knowledge of computer can apply for this course. There is no doubt about the shining future of the QA testing in banking software. A student can learn various things about the quality assurance process through the dedicated mode of software and other means. The training program of H2K Infosys is conducted by the best industry experts who possess knowledge both the banking industry and software. The QA testing course has been designed mainly for software testers, developers, designers, QA engineers and QA manager and lead generators. So, if you belong any of those categories and also want to get into the banking sector, then it is the ideal platform." Well Running Bakery For Sale in Bagalur Main Road Near Reva College Other-Services | Total Views 94 Friends.... Great Business Opportunity !!!!!!! A Well running Bakery with very well Interior and good Production unit along with well-equipped machinery and having all the necessary Items for production with good outlet for sale in Bagalur Main Road kattigenahalli, Near Reva College Please contact to know further details.... 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For more details contact us on 8105327545 SAP ABAP Best coaching classes in bangoloreMarthahalli Education Consultants | Total Views 90 SAP ABAP ,CORPORATE TRAINING in BANGALORE Please Contact Sreeram:0919686148888,001-210-399-8414,or 1 Introduction to SAP * Introduction to ERP * Overview of SAP * SAP modules at a Glance 2 ABAP Data Types * Character * Integer * Numeric Character * Floating Point * Packed Decimals * Time * Date, Strings 3 Loops & Branches * Do, Do n times, While * If, If Else, if Ladder, Case * Small Programs * Factorial program * Indentation * Code Inspector * Extended Program Check 4 Structures & Internal Tables * Over View of Structures * Similar Structures creation * Different Structures * Different structures with Extra Fields * Over View of Internal Tables * Similar Internal tables creation * Different Internal tables * Different Internal tables with Extra Fields * Modify Operation on Internal Table * Delete Operation on Internal Tables Sorting Of internal tables ( Sort) Searching Techniques Of internal Table 5 Landscape & SAP R/3 Architecture * Landscape Model * Overview of R/3 6 Normalization & Select Statements * Over view of Normalization * Select Statements * Logical operators * Select Single & Up to 1 rows * Nested Select queries * For all Entries * Join Statements * Inner join & Left Outer Join 7 Modularization Techniques * Over view of Modularization * Macros * Includes * Subroutines * Function Modules 8 Selection Screen Design * Over View of Selection Screen * Selection Screen elements 9 Basic Report * Over view of Report * Report with out events * Report with events ( Classical report) * Interactive Report * Menu Design * Message class Creation * Text messages creation * Hide Technique * Get Cursor Technique * Read Line Statement * At Events ( control Events) * Variant Creation * Transaction Code Creation * End User access 10 BDC (Batch Data Communication) * Over view of BDC * GUI Up load * GUI Down load * Data sets * BDC Programming * Call Transaction * Session Methods 11 Data Dictionary * Creation of Data Base Table * Creation of Domains * Creation of Data types * Creation of Views * Creation of Structures * Creation of Type pools * Creation of Search Help * Creation of Lock objects * Creation of table maintenance 12 Module Pools * Over view of Module pools * Creation of Create button * Creation of Display * Creation of Sub screens * Creation of Tab Strip * Creation of Table Control * Creation of Save button to update Data Base 13 Sap Scripts * Over view of Scripts * Creation of Paragraphs * Creation of Character Formats * Creation of Pages * Creation of Windows * Creation of Page windows * Creation of Script program * User Exists Over view Cross Applications 14 RFC * Over view of CA * Creation of RFC * Fetching Data Using RFC * ARFC & TRFC 15 ALV (ABAP List Viewer) * Over view of ALV * ALV List Display * ALV Grid Display * ALV Catalog Creation Blcoked ALV Interactive ALV How to upload Logo in ALV 16 BAPI * Over View Of BAPI * Remote FM Creation * Creation of BOR * Creation of BAPI * Check The Status of BAPI * Super type Creation 17 LSMW * Over view of LSMW * Creation of Project , Sub Project , Object Type * Creation of Batch Input Using Recording Mode * Steps To Create LSMW 18 SMART FORMS * Over view of Smart Forms * Creation of Paragraphs(Styles) * Creation of Character Formats(Styles) * Creation of Pages * Creation of Windows * Creation of Page windows * Creation of table format * Creation of Smart Form program 19 Work Flow * Over view of Work Flow * Creation of prefix * Creation of Standard tasks * Creation of Standard Template * Creation of Workflow builder 20 ALE/Idocs * Over view of ALE/ IDOcs * Creation of RFC Destinations * Creation of Ports * Creation of Partner Profile * Creation of Distributed sys * Transfer the data Btw sys SAP ABAP ,CORPORATE TRAINING in BANGALORE Please Contact Sreeram:0919686148888,001-210-399-8414,or Home Based Online Jobs Other-Jobs | Total Views 59 Online Ad Posting job for students, unemployed, housewives. 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