Top 10 best Poultry Farms in All India

Radhakrishna EnterprisesPoultry-Farms | Total Views 223 Marketing Distributer for Poultry MedicineDEESAN AGRO-TECH LTD.Poultry-Farms | Total Views 166 Mfgrs.Of All Kinds Of Poultry Feed, Deoiled Cakes & Refined Oils Omega Weldedmesh Co Pvt LtdPoultry Feed Making Machine | Total Views 109 We, at Omega Weldedmesh Co. Pvt. Ltd., have been engaged in the business of Poultry from the time the first poultry farm in India was built in 1969. We manufacture Poultry Cages, Poultry Equipment, Silo Storage Systems, Drinking Systems, Feeding Systems, Automated and Semi-Automated Cage Systems and Environment Control Systems for Poultry Farms. Our cages are heavily galvanized and have a guaranteed life of Minimum 15 years. The cages are tested for the following aspects : Superior Welding Strength Measurement accuracy for Optimum Shed Space Utilization Ductility and Sturdiness of the cage wire for appropriate bending, fabrication, etc. Counters effects of Manure/Litter and hence resists the acidic impact of the same. Resistance to Corrosion. We are manufacturing Poultry Equipment for all types and breeds of Poultry Birds like : For Commercial Layer Layer Bird Brooder Chicks Commercial Grower For Broiler Breeder Parent Bird Parent Chicks Grower Bird The cages are 100% customization in accordance with the customer ¢Ã‚€Ã‚™s shed length, design, usage, number of birds and breed and space utilization.PURE YOLKSPoultry Eggs | Total Views 83 Pure Yolks, have built a sustainable organic farm, where chickens can roam in their natural surroundings, forage on their natural food and lay eggs the way god intended them to, in natural egg laying cycles.Egiyok NewsBusiness-Services | Total Views 134 Egiyok News provides free counseling to poultry farmers and all branches of the poultry industry regarding the efficient ways of farm management, feed & disease management, product handling, and the latest innovations in the poultry industry. Also, you can list your business with us to increase your business with us.Pothys MartMeat & Poultry Food | Total Views 35 Pothys Mart is online grocery shopping store & Supermarket in India which provides your all daily essentials products at your nearby doorstep. Online supermarket shopping now made easy with a wide range of products at best offers. Get best products including farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, home & household essentials, home and kitchen appliances online shopping, organic products, Fresh meat delivery, imported and gourmet & more at the best prices. Enjoy free online grocery shopping and home delivery at just a click of a button. Buy groceries online now at Pothysmart at best prices.BK Sashan Lifecare LimitedHospitals | Total Views 109 Delmanexpert, an expert in creating pest free environment to our Bk Sashan family since 1996. Providing you with quality and professional pest control services, Delman Expert has decided to extend its skills to provide you with pestless dwellings. Our chemicals are extremely safe, harmless and mild and are approved by the world health organization and marked safe to use. Customers inspire us and so we work to inspire them. So does team work! We believe in the power of glamorous teamwork that has brought us together with an excellent bunch of employees. Our goal is to identify the needs of our customers and serve them through innovative and responsive solutions.Alpha Farming EquipmentsAgricultural Machines & Equipment | Total Views 106 Alpha Farming is a well-known Poultry Farm equipment manufacturer and suppliers company in Hyderabad. We are offering a wide range of poultry equipment in India. Alpha Farming Equipment is an Indian company with more than 30 years of experience in Farming Equipments for poultry and agriculture. We are specialized in solutions and technology for cost-effective and environmentally friendly farming equipment for Poultry and animal farming as well as agricultural farms worldwide.Nordic IntentBusiness Startup Services | Total Views 139 Early stage startups with positive initial traction often face an uphill battle to gain growth metrics necessary to successfully raise a meaningful round of funding. Often, strong founding teams with quality products struggle with limited resources and funding options. Nordic Intent has programs that provide startups with access to investors and a pre-built network of potential customers. IndiasupplementPoultry Feed Supplements | Total Views 193 Soy protein is generally known as protein isolated form of soybeans containing same nutrition. At Bodybuildingstore we offer you a wide range of say protein supplement for men and women health. Soy protein is the fine alternate to those who want to burn their extra fat or want an attractive body curve. A soy protein addition contains eights sorts of essential amino acids. Apart from this it has multiple health benefits as some forms of soy protein supplement are useful for bodybuilding as well. Soy protein for bodybuilding is proficient and simple way to healthy muscles. You can purchase any of cheapest soy protein supplements through online retailer. Start to gain maximum health benefits for healthier lifestyle and long lasting ethical health.

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