Top 10 best Metals, Alloys & Minerals in All India

ALSYED MINERALS TRADING PVT LTDMetallic Minerals | Total Views 73 We export quality minerals from Pakistan to around the world. Major clients are in India, UAE, Malaysia, Canada, Iran, Thailand, USA & others. We deal in Magnesite Lumps, Magnesite Nugget, DBM, CCM, LCM, Chrome Ore, Feldspar, Chromite, Dolomite, Kaolin & all available in Pakistan. Any sizes & packings are available. Reasonable Rates with Best Quality material is our job to provide our customers for long term relationship.Cold Steel CorporationFerro Alloys | Total Views 39 Metals & Minerals, Iron Steel & Ferro-Alloys Steel & Steel Products.Bob Trading Pvt Ltd Iron & Ferro Alloys | Total Views 81 The company is marching ahead under the stewardship of its Managing Director Mr.Vijaya Kumar, who has ceaselessly worked for its overall growth with a visionary zeal infusing dynamism among its team of dedicated employees.With his vast experience in the field by virtue of his long stint of 15 years as Marketing Manager with the National Aluminium Co., Ltd., India, Mr.Vijaya Kumar is an immense source of inspiration for the committed team of the company in its pursuit of excellence and high standards in the trade. His foreign exposure and contacts with some of the leading manufacturers has helped the company to add value to its services to its clients/customers. The company maintains a good rapport with various manufacturers and leading exporters in IndiBaheti MetalAluminum Alloys | Total Views 45 Baheti Metal is one of the major manufacturer & suppliers of ferroalloys and vast exporter of Aluminium Alloy Ingots, Aluminium deoxy, Aluminium Ingots, Aluminium Notch Bar, Aluminium Cubes, Aluminium Alloys and Aluminium Shots. Our products are mainly utilize for the manufacturing of aluminum castings in various industries such as Automobile, Electrical, Hardware Applications and other Engineering. Baheti Metal also manufacture Aluminium Alloy Ingots for various steel plants across all over India. Behti Metal was famous in Ahmedabad in 1994 by a group of best qualified professionals in the field of Aluminium Alloy Industry. We are an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company.Paramount Enterprises NashikIndustrial Supplies | Total Views 430 Paramount Enterprises with a renowned brand .PARENTNashik is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, listed in major leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of resistance spot welding consumables, spares, weldparts in Nashik – India. During 2017, PARENTNashik is nominated for India 5000 Best MSME award-2017, award-2018 and WeldingWorldAwards -2018. PARENTNashik offers Resistance spot welding gun spares, consumables, weldparts & accessories for portable welders, spot welding guns, projection & seam welder, and machines – robotic welding gun etc. Regent Steel Engg CoHigh Nickel Alloys Steel Plate | Total Views 53 Regent Steel & Engg. Co. are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of excellent quality nickel alloy sheets, nickel alloy plates, nickel alloy coils, nickel alloy foils, nickel alloy strips, nickel alloy flats, nickel 200 sheets, nickel alloy 201 sheets, nickel alloy shim sheets, nickel alloy polished plate, nickel plain sheet, etc.Paramount EnterprisesSpot Welding Electrodes | Total Views 71 PARENTNashik is a brand to help you find resistance welding consumables, spares, projection welding electrodes at OneStop for your spot welders and robotic welding. PARENTNashik offers Resistance spot welding gun spares, consumables, weldparts & accessories for portable welders, spot welding guns, projection & seam welder, and machines – robotic welding gun etc. PARENTNashik is younger energetic, with highly skilled engineering group having extensive more than 2 decade experience in resistance spot welding supplies and installed latest technology machining facility at works, manufacturing all sorts of resistance gun spot welding spares & consumables. Why PARENTNashik – 1) Product know how more than 20 years of experience in resistance spot welding 2) Design, optimization & production of special spares, parts 3) Products that meet all international quality standards &requirements. 4) Production line having next generation CNC machinery. 5) Timely delivery 6) Express production service available 7) Delivery anywhere. Resistance Welding Consumables &Spot Welding Gun Spare WeldPartsOffered: - Spot welding electrodes, cap tips, bend electrodes, double bend electrodes, shanks, holders, gun arms dully insulation coating, adapters, flexible shunt, braided cables, water cooled kickless cables, jumper aid cables, bracket in aluminium & copper, gyro ring rotational assly., electrical busbar, busbar 3D, swivel pad electrodes, projection welding electrodes, nut welding electrodes, nut welding pins, ceramic pins, insulating bush, elkonite faced electrodes, projection welding electrode caps, seam welding wheels, shaft, silver contacts, bush, housing body, conductive grease, restoration of seam welding housing frame, robotic welding shank, robotic holders, robot welding cables, on-line & Offline Gun Arm Insulation coating, BS807 electrode tips flat, centre, offset, angle offset, cranked, spade, jobbing, reducing adapters, straight stem holders, threaded adapters, ISO adapters, nut welding bodies, nut weld pins, nut welding caps, ISO electrode tips, PSA style electrodes. Copper chromium Zirconium, Beryllium Copper, Nickel silicon Copper Chromium, RWMA Class-2,Class-3,C-18150, C17510,C17500 Copper alloy, rods, flats, bars, Threaded electrodes, composite electrodes, Male electrodes, offset electrodes, single crank electrodes, double bend electrodes, swivel electrodes, cap adapters, reducing adaptors, double bend cap adaptors, Meritus electrodes, tool post, water connections, water tubes, horizontal adaptors, horizontal toolpost holderBloster, Horse shoe adaptors, Machine arm, plattern, Projection weld nut assemblies, ceramic coated sleeves for stud welding, stud electrode, solid ceramic bush, stud electrode elkonite faced, projection welding bodies, copper tungsten faced electrodes, insulated nut electrodes, ½”screwed electrodes, pad bolt, short tool post. .PARENTNashik also offers variety of unique refractory metals for resistance spot welding like Elkonite- Tungsten, Tungsten copper, molybdenum, graphite, TZM tipped electrodes. Specialist in copper 3D busbar. Presently satisfied customers are in India, Malaysia, Middle East, Europe -France, Spain, Italy, and USA.

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