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Altos Enterprises LimitedHerbal & Ayurvedic Food Supplements | Total Views 4 Altos is one of the fastest growing Ayurveda herbal products manufacturers and Suppliers company in India. Our focus intently on providing our customers with reliable healthcare solutions and highest quality products that are of high efficacy, safe and cost effective. Today our product categories include Health Care, Personal Care, Hair Care, FMCG, Agriculture Aid, Home Care, Aroma Natural Beauty and skin treatment. Toll Free: 1800 137 5210 or Visit: - Chougule Ayurved Clinic & Speciality Panchakarma CHerbal Medicine | Total Views 669 Ayurveda is an ancient science of medicine which aims at mainly at maintaining the healthy condition of the body and curing of diseases. In this holistic science predominance is given for five purifactory procedures which are conducted for maintenance of health according to season and curing of diseases. Those five purifectory procedures are Vaman, Virechana, Nasya, Basti, Raktamokshan, which help in treatment of various disorders related to skin, digestive, respiratory, neurological, gynecological and also psychological diseases. The panchakarma are conducted by considering ritu,prakriti,dosha predominance and strength of the patient. A well known Ayurved treatment center at Sangli; Chougule Ayurved clinic and specialty Panchakarma center provides facility for all these by an experienced Panchakarma specialist Dr.Vishal.Chougule. The diseases like indigestion, diarrhea, piles, fissure, chronic constipation, inflammatory arthritis, bronchial asthma, chronic sinusitis, urticaria, psoriasis, eczema, menorrhagia, infertility, urine calculi, renal failure, ulcerative colitis, diabetic neuropathy etc are treated on pure Ayurvedic base. Available Panchakarma Procedure -Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya, Raktamokshan, Shirodhara, Kati basti, Greeva basti, Janu basti, Picchichil, Netra tarpan, Karnapuran, Udhvartan, Patra panda sveda, Shastikshali pinda sveda etc. Also all seasonal Panchakarma procedures and diet according to disease are adviced. GARBHASANSKAR a traditional procedure which involves purification of body for couples to get a healthy baby, to maintain better health of mother and SUVARNA PRASHAN for children’s from 0 to 12 years to increase immunity power and prevent seasonal disorders (cold, cough etc) are also done here. All the Panchakarma procedures for ladies patients are conducted under the supervision of Dr.Ashwini Chougule with special care and attention. Alternative Medical Council CalcuttaHerbal Medicine | Total Views 68 Alternative Medical Council Calcutta AMCC conducts various courses in the field of Complimentary, Ayurveda, Holistic, Herbal Therapy, Paramedical sciences under various system of Alternative Medicines through its hundreds of affiliated Colleges/Institutes world wide under distance as well as regular mode of educational systems. Doctors of Alternative Medicines, Registered Medical Practitioner can avail its state of the art clinical laboratory, course materials, in house training as a junior doctors and practice facility by upgrading qualification in the respective field of alternative medicine systems and be a registered medical practitioner in India as well in any foreign country. Any person with the prerequisites likes to build up a career as a doctor of alternative medicines or medicinal systems and wants to involve in traditional practices through private chamber or service with the listing in alternative medicine directory is requested to contact with the council office. Alternative Medical Council Calcutta Head office : 34 No National Highway Barasat, Helabattala,Kolkata, West Bengal, India Ph : (033)25425572 Fax : (033)25424072 Mobile : 09239048812 Email 1 : Email 2: Email 3:, Office Hour : 10 am to 6 pm (Sunday Closed) Overra HerbalsHerbal Medicine | Total Views 38 Driven by the alarming statistics of diabetes and the predicament of diabetics, ‘Overra Foods’ startup team sought to provide solutions that would help people relish the restricted regular food, Sugar and Sweets without much fear. The principles and benefits of AyurvedaHerbal Medicine | Total Views 68 Welcome to read about the most ancient and traditional science on one of the most modern systems, the Internet., User ID : Tha099 6 minutes to Skinny - Without exerciseHerbal Medicine | Total Views 91 You wont believe these weight loss secrets! Amazing program helps you loose weight in just 6 minutes per day without exercise. Loose that tummy today. Lost Love Spells Caster In Africa +27738769823Herbal Medicine | Total Views 49 Best Lost Love Spells Caster In South Africa +27738769823 Powerful Lost Love Spells Caster In Africa +27738769823 Powerful Long Distance Love Spell Caster +27738769823 To get back a long gone lost lover spell Call +27738769823 This happened to me a few months ago; my fiancé was cheating on me and this was ending our relationship slowly as we had stopped doing a lot of things that we previously were doing. I asked my friends what I could do to save my relationship as I really loved my man. One of my friends recommended me to Mufti and I never hesitated to contact him. He casted various spells for me and in just days I saw his work. I won back his heart and mostly his love then to ensure this never happens again I got a Forever Bind Spell and until today we are happily together arranging our wedding soon. If you want the same or prevent it please call him on +27738769823 or mail to and get helped immediately. Natural Treatment for BronchiectasisHerbal Medicine | Total Views 126 Bronchiectasis is a disease that can easily be kicked away with the help of this herbal product that has been formulated after conducting detailed research on all the ingredients used in it. Don’t miss out the opportunity to get details on the product on our webpage so that you can choose it as top product for the treatment of Bronchiectasis. We wish and hope that you take the right decision! Arogyam Panchkarma Centre and Ayurvedic HospitalHerbal Medicine | Total Views 71 shares the millennia of ayurvedic experience of effectively treating many common and not so common ailments. Our efforts are directed for sensible approach to the simple Herbal Medicines that are immensely effective, safe and reasonable for all practical purposes. All of our Herbs are naturally grown, pure and sanctified by the innate healing power of nature. These all natural, herbal medicines help one to divest any acute and chronic health ailments. We guarantee authentic, real and Pure Ayurveda. Each click on this website will lead you closer to complete health, harmony and happiness. Enjoy holistic health with us.leopharmarx provigilHerbal Medicine | Total Views 98 bur cars, bmw cars, ford cars, marcedees cars and vehicle spare parts at resonable rates

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