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Alternative Medical Council CalcuttaDistance Learning education | Total Views 62 conducts various courses in the field of Complimentary, Ayurveda, Holistic, Herbal Therapy, Paramedical sciences under various system of Alternative Medicines through its hundreds of affiliated Colleges/Institutes world wide under distance as well as regular mode of educational systems.Golang training BangaloreDistance Learning education | Total Views 5 On joining our Golang coaching in Bangalore, you will be provided with quality course materials and e-books. Students can ask for video recordings of the lectures for review. Online doubt clarification session is there. Get 24x7 online access to trainers. We will conduct mock interviews after the training & guide you for the resume preparation.MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT, K.L.N. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGDistance Learning education | Total Views 27 Educational Institutions KITSDistance Learning education | Total Views 31 Educational Institute communication skills, spoken english, presentations, leadership, body language, group discussions, personal interviewExecutive Coaching in Jaipur India, Pre-Marriage Counseling in JaipurDistance Learning education | Total Views 36 Khushi Learning is an initiative in the field of Corporate Trainings, Consulting, Life Coaching, Counseling and Keynote Speaking. It is founded by Uday Singh who has been working in this field more than eight years. Khushi is a consortium of dedicated Consultants, Trainers, Teachers and Transformers. These experts bring desired transformation in people and organization by effective customized consulting, training, coaching and counseling.T.K.I.E.T.Distance Learning education | Total Views 35 Accreaded Educational Institute Java Training In GurgaonDistance Learning education | Total Views 53 Java is a programming language that is used for developing software, content for web pages and server side programs. Several applications that are being used today in different gadgets such as mobile phone, game consoles and computers are powered by Java. Hence, getting trained in Java is the way to go. We are providing Java Training in Gurgaon to students who want to tap the potential of this most preferred language. We make sure that when you are registering with us, you get to know about the basics of the Java. Our motto is to prepare candidates for this highly competitive market.Alternative Medical Council CalcuttaDistance Learning education | Total Views 119 The term Alternative Medicine means form of medicine that is outside the main stream of western medicine. Alternative medicines exist in all cultures to sum degrees and terms such as traditional medicines, indigenous medicines, folk medicines, holistic medicines and oriental medicines are used to describe such practice.SRUJAN INSTITUTEDistance Learning education | Total Views 36 Offers Vocational Training Part-time In B.Tech Degree / Electronics Diploma In Computer / Telecommunication / Instrumentation / Industrial Electronics For Working Professional / Dip.In Computer Hardware-Networking, Interior Designing / Fashion Designing / KIDZEE-INDIA’S FAVOURITE PRE SCHOOL AT SCIENCE CITY–AHMEDABADDistance Learning education | Total Views 77 (unixd2450s) Admissions open in Esteemed Kidzee preschool in Science city area where every child in considered special and treated with special care. We recognise that quality education comes through: Right environment for a child. Standardized and innovative teaching methods Qualified and experienced teachers Healthy, hygienic and developmentally appropriate environment Childs unique learning styles with our special iLLUME KIT. A wide range of activities and programs. Largest Network with over 900+ centres. Present in 330 Cities across India. It’s Impossible to keep children away from Kidzee. Nurtured over 200,000 Children. Kidzee has developed the best-in-class learning methods and activities which ensure that every child grows and learns at an optimal pace.

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