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DiscontinuedDropout Dont Worry join Direct Final YearEducation Consultants | Total Views 71 Through Govt Recognized University Join SSLC . PUC . Graduation B.A,B.COM,B.BA,B.BM,B.SC,B.CA etc post Graduation M.A,M.COM,M.BA,M.SC,M.CA etc Mistara Education Academy for more details plz contact Leona Asiya - 8892723584 ARE YOUR CHILDREN IDENTIFIED HAVING ADHD OR MILD AUTISM FEATURES AS A PARENT YOU ARE UPSETEducation Consultants | Total Views 69 Once it is being Identified by the Psychologists , the Child possess ADHD Symptoms - as the Parents - Our hopes are lost . We can see , plenty of Mothers and fathers with Sad faces , depressed Mindsets and always filled with the thoughts roaming about the FUTURE OF THEIR LOVING WARDS. There will be so many questions aside - How i am going to give him/her a best future ? How I am going to solve this UNKNOWN - NO SOLUTION ISSUE ? If I am taking the child for therapies and spending lots and lots of time , Money and efforts and years after and after why my child is not showing remarkable changes??? Why he/she does not concentrate on studies etc., etc, If you would like to SECURE A SPECIAL SCHOOL TO SORT OUT THIS ISSUE, in future, there are possibilities that the Children would get branded AS SPECIAL CHILDREN BY THE PUBLIC. Wherein Hyper active and Autism are different though sometimes carrying the properties are each other . To ensure, the Children who are being identified as Hyper active are not getting addressed as special and in future - they should lead a Superb life and livings by eradicating the Uncontrolled emotions which they carry and due to which they could not concentrate properly in Studies , we started a separate ward in our Regular Matriculation Board school. Due to which , once the children have become normal in all their routines, they would be admitted into the regular schooling. By the way, though you take the Child to Clinical Psychologists and Neuropsychologists , it would take a very long time for the Children to reach to at least 50% of Development ( sometimes even 7-8 years ) and after that again they would not turn normal and again we dont know how things will help them in future or whether they would stand exclusively in their life to meet out the competitive world which is lying in front. Due to all this , We started in our Regular Matriculation School , some Special arrangements for ADHD kids and we offer very exclusive, highly effective Indian Traditional Therapies for Example Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki, Energy Channelizing Akarshana Therapy, Deep inner silence provoking Therapy, Specially Designed Meditation Programmes, some Superb Sports Therapies etc., So the Children who carry ADHD symptoms are showing remarkable improvements in mostly an year. If they carry mild symptoms , the Children turns almost perfect in an year two. There are MIRACLE PROVEN RESULTS. Alongside Occupational therapies and speech therapies , study programs are also available. We focus on One Point altogether - ALL CHILDREN SHOULD BE SUCCESSFUL - ALL CHILDREN SHOULD REACH THE HIGHEST POTENTIAL OF THEIR LIFE. Especially Hyper Active Children are very talented but the problem is their energy levels are not focussed and this is a Serious Factor to be Addressed and if we ignore to take steps immediately, the FUTURE OF THE CHILDREN WOULD BE A QUESTION MARK AND AS A SCHOOL WHICH BOTHERS ABOUT SCULPTING THE BEST - ALTOGETHER ADDRESSING EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM , We never want any Children to be left in an UNGUIDED PATH OF IGNORANCE. That is the only reason , we are putting such greatest efforts in Helping the ADHD Children ( Mild Autism also could be cured ) and OUR RESULTS AND EFFORTS ARE LONG LASTING. CALL US FOR HELP / GUIDANCES / ASSISTANCE / ADMISSIONS . Ms. Vandhana, Ms. Malathi , Ms. Mini Counseling Psychologist, social activist , senior co-ordinator Mob: 0091-97866-91903 / 99656-16661/98422-33110 www.pearlseducation.comScience Teacher Hindi MediumEducation Consultants | Total Views 61 Job Description – Virtual Classroom Teacher (For Science Subject in Hindi Medium) Background: Sterlite Tech Foundation (STF) is a not for profit working in schools to improve the quality of learning of children through Virtual Classroom. STF is looking for passionate and committed teachers to teach Science in Hindi medium schools (Grade 5/6/7). The selected teacher will be trained to deliver sessions via virtual classrooms. Role & Responsibility: Each teacher will be reporting to a pedagogy expert. 1. Deliver Science sessions to grade 5/6/7 students over virtual classroom platform- 6 hours per week from the studio. 2. Willing to adopt activity -based- learning type of curriculum and use creative ways while delivering a topic- videos/visuals/demonstrations etc 3. Design lesson plans and enrich the curriculum by bringing in knowledge of best practices from external resources. Qualifications and skills: 1. Have atleast 2 years of teaching experience or a B.ed/D.ed degree. 2. Fluent in Hindi and English. 3. The teacher must possess a strong conceptual understanding and an in-depth knowledge of Science Subject. 4. Comfortable with technology and using power point etc. 5. Passionate about teaching. Salary: To be discussed If interested, please send your resume- Job Location: Mumbai Courses In Distance Education Mode Like MBA BBA BCA MCA B Tech EtcEducation Consultants | Total Views 16 We are an online community who is offering almost all the distance education universities and information about the institutes offering them.... TAKE ADMISSION IN RV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING BANGALORE CALL 0886759587008050200090Education Consultants | Total Views 30 WE ARE PROVIDING SPOT ADMISSION IN RV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING BANGALORE 2014 CONTACT :-08867595870/08050200090,08867595870/08050200090 COURSE OFFERED:- UG COURSE Mechanical Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Civil Engineering Industrial Engineering And Management Instrumentation Technology BArch Bachelor of Architecture Telecommunication Engineering Bio technology Information Science And Engineering B.Arch Interior Designing M.TECH M.E Computer Science and Engineering M.E. VLSI And Embedded Systems M.E. Communication Systems M.E. Power Electronics And Drives M.E. Structural Engineering M.E. Software Engineering ME Highway Technology M.Arch Master of Architecture ME Machine Design M.E Tool Engineering TAGS...PROVIDING DIRECT ADMISSION IN RV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING BANGALORE(RVCE),RV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING B.TECH,M.TECH,RV COLLEGE BANGALORE B.TECH,DIRECT ADMISSION IN RV COLLEGE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING,DIRECT ADMISSION IN RV COLLEGE B.TECH/M.TECH,RVCE BANGALORE,RV COLLEGE ADMISSION UNDER MANAGEMENT QUOTA,RV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ADMISSION 2013,RV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING MYSORE ROAD,RV COLLEGE ADMISSION UNDER AIEEE QUOTA,RV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING UNDER COMED QUOTA,RV COLLEGE,RV COLLEGE JAYANAGAR BDS,RV ADMISSION IN BDS,RV ADMISSION IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING BANGALORE 2013,RV GET ADMISSION,TOP 10 COLLEGE IN INDIA FOR ENGINEERING,RV COLLEGE BEST FOR B.TECH/M.TECH/CS/EC/RV COLLEGE COMPUTER SCIENCE/RV COLLEGE CHEMICAL ENGINEERING/RV COLLEGE COMPUTER SCIENCE/MECHANICAL ENGINEERING/ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION RVCE B.TECHCONTACT :-08867595870/08050200090,08867595870/08050200090 Title:Rv college of engineering admission (cse call 08867595870/08050200090 Description: WE OFFER ALSO SO MANY COLLEGE SEE BELOW:- New Horizon Engineering College (NHCE) M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology BMS Institute of Technology R V College of Engineering (RVCE) Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) Acharya Institute of Technology Jain College of Engineering B. N. M. Institute of Technology B.M.S.College Of Engineering C. M. R. Institute of Technology Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering Don Bosco Institute of Technology Bangalore MVJ College of Engineering Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology P.E.S. School of Engineering PES Institute Of Technology and Management RNS Institute of Technology Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology SJB Institute of Technology The Oxford College of Engineering J.S.S. Academy of Technical Education, Bangalore Reva Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore CALL 08867595870/08050200090 List of top 10 best CAD Institutes in Delhi NCREducation Consultants | Total Views 43 Please check list of top 10 best CAD Institutes in Delhi NCR by visiting UID – HX52Students Aptitude TestingEducation Consultants | Total Views 108 To make an informed Career Decision, it is essential to identify the right potential of a child and just the interest. The tests are scientific in nature and discover the conceptual clarity of a child. Honest attempts by the test-taker on these tests give an idea of the inherent persona. The assessments give you powerful insights into the type of field, work and profile that is right for you and facilitate the decision making process. It helps you reduce probability of being in the wrong career, and regret later.Study Abroad in Australia ConsultantEducation Consultants | Total Views 34 Do you want to be a part of international education and lifestyle? Plan for Study Abroad in Australia that is most affordable than other others. Eduform Study Australia Consultant Delhi, India will be the right partner for your journey to an abroad study.Graphic & Web Designing, SEO & Internet marketing, Audio and video editing, 3D Animation & Gaming, NEducation Consultants | Total Views 22 Ghanchi Multimedia Academy is a high quality institute in the fields of Graphic & Web Designing, 3D Animation & Gaming, Audio & Video Editing, SEO & Internet Marketing. Training on Live Project and experienced professionals help the student master his or her skills in his or her chosen disciplines 3D Animation, 3Ds Max, 3Ds Maya, 3D Gaming, VFX, Adobe Premiere, Adobe after Effects, Combustion, Fusion, Nuke, Real Flow, Z Brush, Audio & Video Editing, Sony Vega, Sound Forge Graphic & Web Designing, Photoshop, Corel draw, Illustrator, In design, PHP, CSS, HTML5, J query, SEO & Internet Marketing, Networking courses (CCNA, CCNP), Dream weaver, 3D Interior & Exterior Designing. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Indian Students AdmissionEducation Consultants | Total Views 44 MBBS package offered for INDIAN students at Optimum Price which provide an opportunity to excel in Medicine, Research & Scientific field. RUSSIA has emerged as a big market for Medical aspirant in World to pursue MBBS at affordable price and admission open for 2015 with easy enroll process. Students can visit our regional office where they will be introduced to our Councillor.

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