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Offering home based part time jobs for all in Govt rigd cmny weekly 100 paymentsCalibration-Services | Total Views 217 Hi everyone. We are well government registered company and offering genuine work from home jobs for all. We have online related part time jobs We provides short online training and life time support for this job. If you spend daily 2-3 hours you can earn Rs 2500-3000/week. Here no work targets, No work pressure, No time limits to work. At any of your free time you can work for this. We provides guaranteed payments on weekly based through online transfer/cash. Contact us immediately to know more -7411489525 Top 10 Remarkable Bollywood MoviesCalibration-Services | Total Views 207 Swades (2004) (Director: Ashutosh Gowarikar) Here comes the most beautiful, feel good film of the decade. Yes, its extremely hard not to fall in love with this movie. This movie will leave you thinking and at the same time make you smile. You will secretly end up hoping that you would settle in such a small village where you will be able to smell the soil and feel secure at home. You would wish for a loving mother figure like Kaveri Amma to feed you and someone as beautiful and headstrong as Geeta to fall in love with. Swades is about home and the virtues you have left at home. Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Indias heart lies in the villages" and how true!! Yes, we are this touchy, full-of-heart emotional fools and we still love that about us. What prompted a NASA scientist like Mohan to come back to his roots? Because you cant forget your roots however far you have gone. Swades was quite poetic in its narration and every frame had something deeply irresistible. Home is where the heart is and there are people waiting for you, go embrace it Mohan! A Wednesday (2008) (Director: Neeraj Pandey) Here comes a movie with a story which nobody could imagine in their wildest dreams. The suspense of this movie was well executed and it was like an incomparable experience. We have seen many movies on terrorists and it wasnt that hard to imagine where the story is heading; most of the time. A Wednesday was a revelation; a bright talent like Neeraj came and changed the entire grammar of film making. Yes, common man is not a fool and terrorists who bring Mumbai under the chilling moments every now and then should realize this, sooner or later, for their own good. The message is delivered and how powerfully!! Two of the most talented actors of Bollywood, Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah came face to face and it was difficult to judge who outdone whom. However, we assume it must be Anupam Kher given he has a slight edge over Naseeruddin Shah in the movie; well Anupam had to underplay most of the time. Aamir (2008) (Director: Rajkumar Gupta) Aamir is yet another film on terrorism and Mumbai city. In one word we would describe it as Intense. Its a whirlwind journey of a man namely Dr. Aamir Ali, who just returned to Mumbai from UK. Hes in the hands of Islamic extremists and they want to carry out a bomb blast in the city with the help of Aamir and for this they have kidnapped Aamirs family. He has to make a choice and hes been taken to the poverty ridden streets of Mumbai where he meets large percentage of Muslim population. Rajkumar Gupta entered the Bollywood scene with his strong directorial abilities and only a good director can pull off such a one line story entirely on the shoulder of a taught screen play. Aamirs difficult journey becomes audiences as we are on the edge of the seat to see what happens next. Its a hell of a ride with that red bag and you will never forget it; thats the biggest cinematic achievement of Aamir. 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For more details visit us at Ph. 03532461473,03532110484 Mobile- 09434019000, 09474425752 - Advertiser GYD5088SPLnishkaresearchLab Calibration Services | Total Views 7 Our research processes and solutions are custom based to suit your needs be it in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, manufacturing or any other industry. Our team’s research has demonstrated promising results using cutting edge resources which are unrivalled in the current times.ALTOP CONTROLSCalibration-Services | Total Views 191 Calibration Facilities, Dial Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer, Level Instruments, Manometer, Process Instrumentation, Temperature Instruments, Transducers, Thermocouple Prism Calibration Center AhmedabadIndustrial Supplies | Total Views 47 Prism calibration has everything you need for reliable verification and certification of your measuring tools and equipment. We provide accredited and ISO certified calibration. All calibration measurement results are traceable. The highly capable technicians have well over 20 years of combined calibration experience and work with top of the line equipment. They are qualified to make adjustments and to repair instruments as needed. Learn more about our services. Visit www.prismcalibraion.comReltec Calibration Pvt. LtdMeasuring equipments | Total Views 225 Reltec Calibration is leading Calibration Services providers for Multi-meter, Equipment, Flow Meter, Weighing Scale, Water Meter, Crimp Tool, Pressure Gauge, and Water Flow Meter with Annual Testing & Calibration (AMC). Reltec Calibration started to cater our calibration services in the field of Mechanical, Electro Technical & Thermal Measurement provides the most accurate measurements in Calibration Services in Bangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Gulbarga & across India by our expert technical Staffs’ We undertake Calibration services Electro-Technical, Thermal & Mechanical & Dimensional Metrology. Reltec is NABL, ISO Certified & Approved by CEIG. of Karnataka. Reltec Calibration Laboratory is well equipped with most sophisticated high precision master equipment’s with National/International Standards in Bangalore In-house & we also provide Onsite Calibration Services. Our Calibration Laboratory provides calibration for Measuring Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Testing Machines, and Process Control Instruments & Electro Technical Instruments. We provide Calibration Services for Multimeter, Equipment, Flow Meter, Weighing Scale, Water Meter, Crimp Tool, Pressure Gauge, Water Flow Meter, Power Analyzer, Energy Meters, Data Loggers, Meggers, Earth Resistance Testers, Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, Temperature Indicator, and Tachometer. Mechanical Parameters: Vernier calipers, Micrometers, all types of gauges, ‘V’ block, Torque Wrenches, Volumetric glass wares, Weights and balances, Surface Plate, Profile projector, Tachometer, Slip gauge blocks, Force, torque sensors & Transducer etc.,(Both Lab & On site) Electro Technical Parameters: Voltage(AC/DC),Current(AC/DC), Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Frequency, Oscilloscope, Temperature Simulation, RTD, Time Interval, Temperature Controller and Indicators etc., (Both Lab & On site) Thermal Parameters : Temperature of Thermometers, RTD’s, Thermocouples, Controllers, Oven, Hotplates, Bath furnaces, Soldering station, Hot air oven and chamber, BOD incubator, Cold chamber, Freezer, Humidity chamber etc., (Both Lab & On site) With rapid pace of development in calibration activities in recent times because of mandatory requirement from ISO 9000-2008 & IS / ISO / IEC 17025:2005 quality / Technical system requirements and continuous feedback from our customers we take the calibration work to the perfection.AMEY ENGINEERS & TRADERSCalibration-Services | Total Views 160 Dial Calibration Tester, Testing Equipments, Testing InstrumentsRays Electro EngineersTemperature Sensor Calibration | Total Views 49 Rays Electro company is temperature instruments and Temperature Sensor services are very highly used in many industries. Temperature control instruments, temperature gauge.Bharat Test House Pvt LtdCustom Research Service | Total Views 127 Bharat Test House Pvt. Ltd. (BTHPL), was promoted by BTH, located in the environment friendly Industrial Estate of HSIIDC Rai, Sonipat, Haryana. It was established while looking into the growing demand from the various committed customers /industry as well as compliance to new regulations like CRS of MEITY, ROHS (toxic materials) and radiation levels under WPC & TEC. It has an excellent test facility and is Accredited/Recognized Test facility in Electronics, Information Technology, Telecom & Wireless Devices, EMI/EMC, Photometry(LED Lighting), Electrical, Power Electronics, Medical Devices(Elect Safety), Solar PV cells etc. It also has Calibration facility in Electro-Technical, Thermal, Mechanical & Optical disciplines. BTH group also provides Inspection services to the select clients, recent being to TNCSC. The ITE Testing facility covers PCs, Laptops & Tablets, Printers, Scanners, Servers & Related peripherals. The Electrical & Electronics category covers Consumer Electronics/Durables& White goods, Electrical Home appliances, Lamps & Luminaires, Industrial & Household Wires & Cables, Pump-sets, and Motors etc. The existing test facility was further expanded to test Telecom & Wireless devices, Medical Devices etc products category to cater to the growing demand of customer, where research & development studies for up-gradation of the products as well as new product’s testing is undertaken. BTHPL has the recognition from the BIS and being the first lab to test all the 30 notified products notified by MeitY under CRS.

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