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Farming and Gardening Products - AGRICOM FARM AND GARDENAgri. Product distributor | Total Views 86 A shop for farming and gardening tools.We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our products, quality, attentive service and in fact it’s absolutely guaranteed.With farming, gardening and selling experience of more than 50 years, carried over by 3 generations, we are confident to cater all your farming and gardening requirements. We are located in Kochi, Kerala with 10 outlets spread in 5 districts, with more than 80 employees and over 25,000 sq ft showroom area.Enrich Agro Food Products LtdAgri. Product distributor | Total Views 495 Beverages, Soft Drink Become legal 100 guinean farmer just 55000Agri. Product distributor | Total Views 235 1)you will get sale deal registered of 7200 sq.ft. Agriculture Land transferred on your name at Madhya pradesh. 2)your name will be there in batikhata (land record book)in Madhya pradesh. 3)your name will be 7/12 utara (khasra) of Madhya pradesh. 4)100 % legal documentation. 5)you can check your name in the MP Govts.websites of land record. 6)all the work will be done from Mumbai.itself all you have to do is give a registered power of attorney on 1000 rs. stamp paper to us. for buying an agriculture land in Madhya pradesh on your name. SYNGENTA INDIA LTD.Agri. Product distributor | Total Views 140 Mfg. Of Agro Chemicals And Chemical Intermediates Agricultural products supplier, Agricultural products manufacturer and Agricultural products exporter for following agro products Rice, Spices, food grains, pulses, wheat, Onion, Jaggery, Garlic, Ginger, Cattle Feed, Pouty Feed, Sugar and Mango to every types of customers.Janata Agro ProductsAgri. Product distributor | Total Views 623 Different types Agricultural Products Fertilizer Additives FISH LIQUID NITROGEN , SULPHITED FISH OIL -(Sulphited Fish Oil is an excellent additive for broad-spectrum fungicide and insecticide) ,FISH PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE -( Fish Protein Hydrolysate is an excellent amino acid product. It contains min. 70% of hydrolyzed protein.) WINTERIZED FISH OIL-( Winterized Fish Oil is refined and processed to increase its usefulness as a starting material for the manufacture of industrial products.) Organic Fertilizer JUPITER GOLD – (Jupitor Gold Crop Protector is an excellent choice for controlling mites, mealybugs, thrips, downy etc), EARTH GOLD– (Soil Conditioner helps in enriching the soil, as it contains all natural (Macro like N, P, K and Micro) nutrients),BIO KING –( BioKing – Tonic is rich in fish oil based amino acids. It contains more than 40% amino acids along with seaweed herbal extracts and PGR (plant growth regulator).),EARTH GROETH-( Growth Promoter mainly consists of Fish Protein Hydrolysate.) Maize Exporter IndiaAgri. Product distributor | Total Views 74 Balamurugan Traders is the one of the outstanding and superior quality yellow maize exporters in India. We are among the most prominent suppliers of yellow maize in India and one of the leading maize exporters in the national and global yellow maize export markets.Once you have placed your order with us, you can be completely assured of top quality product, prompt delivery, and guaranteed satisfaction.Customers can contact us any time to keep track of their order and clarify any queries they have regarding the order.ARABIAN EXPORT LTD.Agri. Product distributor | Total Views 222 Agricultural Food Export. Evergreen EnterprisesAgri. Product distributor | Total Views 278 We are Manufacture of Agropeat, shade nets, seeding tray mulching paper, seeds pots and all nursery and Garden Products. FERMENTA BIOTECH LTD.Agri. Product distributor | Total Views 251 Mfg.Of Biotech Products Like Industrial Enzymes, Penicillin Gamidase, Amylmeta Cresol, Shah Mahasukhlal ThakersiAgri. Product distributor | Total Views 287 Commission, Liaison & Indenting Agents, Indenting Agent Agro Product

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