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428 Feb. 2020Ahmedabad
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Zilverine is an online shopping store for 925 silver jewellery. We have a wide collection of latest designer jewellery for men and women. Zilverine has carried ahead its legacy from Samarth Diamond and Samarth Jewellery. Emerged as one of the leading Manufactures in Diamond cutting in the world, Samarth Diamond now has its sister concern specially catering into Silver 925 Jewellery. Our name is synonymous of sheer craftsmanship, quality and precision, where each piece of jewellery narrates a blissful story of Sparkle, joy and unending passion. The Company has won the Gem and Jewellery Export Council Award for the Highest Employee on the payroll in Diamond and jewellery Industry.



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Zilverine Silver Jewellery Online StoreOne42 Amaya properties, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058+91 8160685242

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