Dec 262013

Nowadays individuals and businessman generally use classified ads for promotion of products and services. Use of classified website is excellent way to getting traffic to your product. Many classified websites permit you to post product advertise content with back links and because of which such classified ads make sales inquiry in very short time of being posted. Because of all these terms use of free classified ads, to promote products and services online is one of the effective SEO strategies followed by most online marketer. Using such kind of marketing strategy through the free classified websites you may get the potential of targeted customers. However you need to keep in mind that content should be relevant to your website or product, so that search engine helps to rank your website properly and benefit of this will be, to be listed in the top. Such classified ads are developed SEO oriented using specific strategies, so if you are using free classified ads or paid classified ads for your services then automatically your content get indexed on search engines.

Important terms to follow while posting ads on classified sites:

1] Use only those classified website that permit your product promotion to direct labeling and back links.

2] Properly framed sites only use to post ads, don’t post ads frequently.

3] Describe your business in detail and content should be unique and high quality content.

4] Content should be specific and to the point to understand.

How classified ads impacted by SEO strategies:

1] Classified websites should be with good navigation system and whatever you want to search on that website it should be found not more than two clicks. If websites surpass these terms then search engine spiders will find it and as a result you will not be find your classified ads posted on such sites.

2] Classifieds should be followed as per Google Analytics terms. One of the most important terms from Google Analytics is “Page load speed”. If classified website follows this term then only classified ad will get searched by others.

3] Page load factor is more important in case of ranking of website. If classified site take more than a couple of seconds to load pages then it is sure that posted ad will not be rank on that site.

4] Content is king on which your ad ranking on search engine depends. Always make sure that content which is using for your ad it should be high quality and unique for promoting service ad

Free classifieds are very important term which is important tool in the online marketing business. Free classifieds do not charge anything but you must be careful while using such sites for SEO because, it may makes complex when it comes to website traffic. But the benefit of Classified ads is, people who want to sell their product online they can post it anytime and get contacted by customers immediately. After posting in such site there is no need to wait for getting product in organic ranking.

How classified ads help to someone who is not in organic ranking?

1] Individuals who cannot afford to promote their products within organic listings.

2] For startup people who want to develop their business from every possible resource.

3] Individuals who want to sell their product immediately.

As all knows business can fail if you do not attract buyers towards your business. Same way online marketing also get fails if you do not succeed in getting online traffic to your website and as a result you may fails to run your online business. To beat this issue SEO will help you to attract traffic to it. Free online classified ads are SEO based important software for online marketing business.